What's Better?: Coke or Pepsi

There has always been a debate in the soft drink arena. People have been discussing whether Coke is better than Pepsi for years. There have been commercials for blindfold taste tests with random people off the street. There have also been celebrity endorsements from the biggest and brightest stars like Michael Jackson, but for many the question still sticks out like a sore thumb. Is Coke better than Pepsi?

The answer, according to many of the consumers, is Coke. It may be a complete surprise to some, but many people are not shocked by this. It is true that many celebrities like Michael Jackson and Brittney Spears were included in Pepsi campaigns, but this did not change the minds of consumers. Pepsi has always been visible through television ads, but this is simply because they were trying to catch up the Coke consumer fan base.

Coke has had the market cornered for a long time, and this is evident by all of the knock-off brands that try to emulate the Coke formula. Pepsi is successful, but no one has been trying to make any cheaper brands that are comparable to Pepsi.

The battle has continued and really grown as a result of all of the diet drinks that hit the market. Pepsi dropped the ball by only offering consumers the Diet Pepsi. Coca-Cola made a real effort to reach out to weight watchers with Diet Coke and Coke Zero. Many consumers agreed that the Coke diet drinks tasted as well as the original. This was just what Coke needed to keep their brand name going strong.

Pepsi does have fans, but these are typically consumers that enjoy sweet drinks. Coke, on the other hand, has been known as a strong and bold beverage. For consumers this big difference is realized in many different areas. Individuals that like to mix soda and alcohol, for example, will find that Cokes are the preferred drinks in this arena. There’s a much greater chance of overhearing orders for a rum and a Coke than there would be to hear about a rum and a Pepsi.

In many instances Coke is so universal it is essentially a noun. People use it to refer to strong dark sodas even if they are not made by Coca-Cola. This is just how world renowned the Coke brand has become. Pepsi has fans, but Coke has a stronger brand.

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