What's Better?: Google Honeycomb Tablet or Apple IPAD Tablet

What’s Better? Google Honeycomb Tablet or Apple IPAD Tablet OS

Apple almost had their hands on a monopoly. The iPhone and iPad products have done extremely well among cell phone and tablet PC users. Consumers have raved over it for years, and there are many loyal fans. The Android fans are gaining serious ground, however, with the Honeycomb operating system. Many Apple customers are even becoming curious. Everyone wants to know if the Honeycomb OS is better than what Apple is offering to their customers. 

The answer to this is yes. Apple may be popular because they have conquered the market for a long time. The problem, however, is that users that are really interested in managing their cell phones in their own way prefer Honeycomb. The Honeycomb developers have been able to really capture the desires of consumers because they had time to build their strength from the weakness of the Apple OS.

The Honeycomb, for example, supports Adobe Flash Player. This has been a long running weakness of Apple products. They did not make any efforts to correct this problem, but the developers of the Honeycomb made this a priority. Things like this were a clear sign of the great divide that would be found once the Honeycomb was originally unveiled. The Honeycomb has continued to grow, and the audience has embraced all of the changes that have come along with it.

The Android systems that utilize the Honeycomb OS are a lot more supportive of open source developer apps than the Apple OS. People that utilize the Apple devices are confined to the apps that are in the iTunes store. People that have access to systems that utilize Honeycomb have the ability to obtain a wide range of apps. This may not seem like a big deal because Apple has a large selection of apps. In the long run, however, the Honeycomb will support a lot more applications.

There’s a growing infatuation with the Honeycomb. People love the fact that they have access to something new. Many users just want an alternative to the Apple OS. Fortunately, this Honeycomb is one of the best alternatives on the market. This OS is faster and it is a lot less prone to system crashes. Consumers that like faster processing will appreciate this. Android users that are running Google’s Honeycomb will also appreciate the ability to multitask. The Apple OS does not support more than one application at one time.


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