What's Better?: Houston or Dallas

What’s Better?: Houston or Dallas (Houston, of course)

There is a lot of discussion regarding which Texas cities are better, Houston or Dallas. Both are large cities in Texas that have a lot things in common with each other. In just about all of Texas, the weather is quite hot. Both have a high population of Republican residents. In Houston and in Dallas, there is a lot of suburban sprawl. Traffic is a nightmare in both places. On the other hand, if you take a closer look, there are some major differences between Houston and Dallas. Here are some observations on the differences between these Texan urban centers. 

In Houston you’ll find a variety of restaurants. The food in Houston has a strong international influence. Houston is close to the Mexican border, therefore there are higher populations of Hispanic immigrants. There are also a lot of Asian immigrants. In Dallas you’ll find a lot of beef-oriented restaurants. If you love steak and barbeque, Dallas is your place, however there isn’t a lot of international cuisine. Outside of steak and barbeque, you’ll find mostly chain restaurants in Dallas.

While it is hot in Texas overall, compared to Houston, Dallas has more mild weather. But, if you can put up with a little extra heat, you’ll enjoy Houston’s location better. It is less than an hour from the beach, is in close proximity to lush forests and rolling hills, and is only a few hours away from New Orleans.

Dallas has a more modern and cosmopolitan vibe. Some would consider it as annoyingly nouveau riche. Big flashy cars. Gaudy designer wardrobes. People blowing hundreds of dollars on trendy cocktails at lounges. In Houston, you’ll feel a more traditional Texan vibe. Lots of cowboy hats and boots. You’ll find a lot of well-off people in Houston, like Dallas, but it is a more classy and old money crowd.

Houston is definitely larger than Dallas, in fact, it is the fifth largest city in the United States. Because of its size, there’s more to do in Houston. The city has a larger diversity of restaurants, museums, stores, businesses, and other points of interests. Both Dallas and Houston are awesome cities, but if you’re looking for more entertainment, Houston is the best pick.


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