What's Better?: iTunes or Google Music Beta

Will Google Music Beta Replace iTunes?

The digital music industry has revolutionized the way that music lovers buy, listen, and share their music. Technology has introduced consumers to DRM (Digital Rights Management), online file storage, and audio web streaming. There are some people that choose to shop in stores for music in CD format, but the large majority of music lovers are shopping online. This is how is purchased.

The digital revolution has brought many players to the forefront. Sites like Amazon, Rhapsody, and eMusic have been successful in bringing digital audio to consumers with monthly fees or one time purchases. These sites have been popular, but no sites have dominated the market the way that iTunes has. 

Apple has so many products on the market that are directly linked to the iTunes environment. The iPad, iPhone, and the iPad users are all linked to iTune accounts. Google Music Beta is the alternative for Android users. It’s a fresh new trend that people are interested in, but it will take a lot to catch up with iTunes.

It is highly unlikely that Google Music Beta will replace iTunes. The Apple brand has been solidified by consumers. People stand outside in lines when new Apple products are released. The iTunes interface may have some annoyances, but these quirks are not enough to move Apple consumers from what they are now familiar with.

Google Music Beta does offer some great features. Registered users, for example, can upload up to 20,000 of their files through this interface for free. This gives users access to all of their entertainment files without the task of constant uploads or synchronizations to their devices. This is a sharp contrast from the synchronization process that Apple users must perform to upload or delete songs from their devices.

It’s a nice thought to assume that Google Music Beta would completely replace iTunes, but anyone that thinks this would be wrong. Consumers have too much invested in the Apple franchise. The name is too big to be overshadowed. Apps are what Apple is known for. When companies make the decision to go mobile the iTunes store is where they make their debut.

Apple has essentially become a franchise that has conquered a large portion of the market before anyone else really got into it. They have done for digital media what Microsoft has done for operating systems. Competition will surface, but iTunes will never be replaced.


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