What's Better?: Klipsch or Bang & Olufsen Speakers?

The kind of music you listen to doesn’t matter when you are listening to it on weak speakers. People may scroll through your album selection and rate your taste, but what they will really judge you on is the quality of speakers the music comes through.

Klipsch and Bang & Olufsen are two of the most recognized brands in the audio business. Their products have come to stand for reliability, style and quality.

But which one is better?


Founded in 1946, this American brand has come to epitomize the high end, high fidelity sound system heard in so many high rise offices. Through their success, Klipsch has stuck to a basic principle: make it work and people will make it theirs.

Klipsch champions high efficiency/sensitivity speakers. They are high in dynamic range and low in distortion. They produce soft and loud sounds in equal quality.

Their speakers are featured in the Hard Rock Cafe and Regal Cinemas. When sound quality matters to their customers, businesses choose Klipsch.

Bang & Olufsen

A Danish company that began in 1925, O&B has seen its speakers rise through the ages to become a top product in the audio business. Pioneering one of the first alternating current radios, they have expanded to all forms of audio-visual entertainment.

O&B are worth half a billion dollars. They achieved this by selling trendy, beautiful work that represents the finest in style. O&B products have a unique user-interface and a signature appearance.

Their speakers appear in Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Austin Martin cars.

The verdict

If you want quality, go with Klipsch. If music sound is your primary concern, they are your company. If you want style, O&B is the best choice.

Make a statement about what you listen to, but also what you listen to it on.

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