What's Better?: Mercedes or BMW

Is a BMW or Mercedes Better?

This is really a very subjective question that is best answered through careful research and introspective interpretation of one’s own perception. Every make and model is at least slightly different and every person will have their own luxurious requirements. An expensive car, though, is generally primarily sought for performance capabilities. However, the little odds and ends can make or break a vehicle for some people. Maybe its options like the “Split-View Front Seat Entertainment System” and “Media Interface Plus” that Mercedes offers, which will win buyers.

Mercedes is typically thought to be more luxurious than the BMW. However, the BMW is usually considered to be the top performer among this duo. Speaking strictly aesthetically, the two varieties are relatively equal, and each will allure a unique audience. It is hard to predict, necessarily, who will be drawn to which types of cars. The best way to know for sure is to go car shopping, and experience love at first sight! 

So, which dealership is first? What is better: Mercedes or BMW? I say that it is the BMW. I know they last a long while with few repairs needed, if proper maintenance is administered. They tend to have a bit of a boxy body, which makes them more spacious inside. Your passengers will appreciate the extra room. The extra space will give them the added feel of luxury.

In my opinion, the dynamic designs of the BMW are simply superior. The distinctive grill plate and emblem that adorns the front of Beamers is widely recognized as a distinguished status symbol. It means that the owner has arrived at success.

While Mercedes has gotten quite a notable reputation as well, it is actually a bit shallow by nature, in that it caters to the more impractical desires of consumers. That is definitely not to say, however, that the BMW does not afford one a luxurious experience.

A Beamer lets you enjoy luxury, performance, and class wherever you go. You can still get comfy upgrades, like heated seats in your BMW. You can also enjoy a Surround Sound System and your iPod while using your Navigation System.

The Beamer has everything needed to bring you comfortably to your destination. As important, it shows your traveling guests what true luxury and power really means in a car. Driving a BMW, especially the Alpina B7 or 760Li, combines the power, presence, and enjoyment you demand from high-end luxury vehicles. Thus, the only real decision to make is which color do you want?


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