What's Better?: Miami or Vail

What do you think is Better?: Miami or Vail


Wondering where to book your next flight to when the New York City scene gets old, or you realize that while Los Angeles might be fun, but you are in the mood to actually see the sun, instead of smog, when you get up in the morning? Vail and Miami are both popular places for the jet set of millionaire twenty somethings with a taste for the outdoors and money to burn, but each has a unique flavor. 

Miami, Florida became famous with 1983’s gritty drug war film “Scarface,” but the city has since gentrified, with five star restaurants, pristine beaches and a thriving cultural scene. Miami still has much of its Cuban roots, which translates to a number of terrific Cuban restaurants and Spanish language clubs that you can enjoy dancing the night away in.

If you want to zip into Miami for a short stay, then The Hotel Fontainebleu is still a favorite, thanks to its luxurious service and beachside location, but Miami has a number of boutique hotels that feature full spas and other amenities. Visitors with a taste for gambling can visit the Hard Rock Casino and Hotel, which features the city’s only full casino, as well as a number of first class restaurants.

Vail also has some of the country’s best restaurants. This Colorado gem has long been a favorite hideaway from the rich and shameless, thanks to its magnificent ski slopes and picturesque ski chalets. While it once was a little too quiet once skiers got done with their runs at night, today it has a growing night life. Enjoy top notch gourmet dining at restaurants at Vail’s luxurious resorts and downtown. Owned and run by award winning chefs, many feature local cuisine, as well as exotic flavors and innovative cooking styles.

Although Vail is a quieter area than Miami, lacking that city’s buzzing nightlife and constant heat, after a day of skiing on the world famous slopes, you may be too tired to be interested in hitting the clubs. If that is the case, then Vail’s ritzy, yet intimate, ski chalets and pubs are the perfect places to unwind with friends. There are plenty of microbreweries in the area, so beer snobs, as well as wine aficionados, can happily sip at a drink of their choice, while chatting it up with the attractive locals. Remember, the number one Vail profession is ski instructor!


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