What's Better?: The W Hotel or Ritz-Carlton (Ritz is, W is for the kids)

The W Hotel and Ritz-Carlton are two of the most popular hotels for professionals and millionaires. But which one is better?

W Hotel

– Overview: W Hotels are some of the world’s best boutique hotels. They are hip, trendy establishments, often renovated from existing buildings. With over 50 hotels and resorts around the world, Ws are instantly recognizable by travelers and cherished by visitors.

– Pros: Ws are fresh and modern. They use a minimalist design, with areas sporting informal names, such as the “Wonderful Room” or “Spectacular Room.”

– Cons: Ws may not be suitable for older visitors or ultra-professional guests. They are fun, almost laid-back hotels that cater to a younger crowd. For those who need to maintain a certain level of professionalism, the W may not be enough.


– Overview: The Ritz-Carlton is the preeminent luxury hotel in the world. Dating back to the legendary locations in Paris and London, Ritz-Carlton hotels still carry the excellence of renowned hotelier, Cesar Ritz. Their emblem – a proud lion head atop a crown – tells you everything you need to know about their philosophy.

– Pros: The company has received countless awards and frequently finds itself on “best of” lists. As a guest, you receive the finest service the business has to offer.

– Cons: Ritz-Carlton hotels are expensive. You won’t get beyond the lobby unless you have a substantial bank account. Their history and reputation is always on display. For people just looking to enjoy themselves in a nice hotel, the Ritz-Carlton may be too much.

The verdict

If you never have to calculate costs, the Ritz-Carlton is your hotel. People know who you are when you visit a Ritz-Carlton. Staying in one of their hotel rooms is a sign of your success in life.

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