What's Better?: Wordpress or Drupal

Asking who would win in a fight between WordPress and Drupal used to be like asking whether the Fonz could beat an astronaut. The two products were equally cool, but they offered such different experiences you’d never pit them against each other.

With WordPress’s continuing quest to offer a more well rounded feature set, and Drupal’s efforts to become more and more new user friendly, the two are rapidly traveling on a crash course toward the other.

Drupal’s got the current edge in terms of potential. It’s just too flexible to not be a foundation for whatever your online projects are. From fully featured e-commerce solutions to a newly integrated framework for creating new types of content, Drupal has the structure to build almost anything conceivable. It’s definitely a step up from WordPress, where your options are “page” or “post”. A little coding knowledge and you can take on any big boy.

But head to head against WordPress, it fails on a number of levels. Want to embed and display images? WordPress does it out of the box. Drupal requires set-up, installing modules, tweaking and performance enhancement. Running a high traffic site? Drupal’s going to need more tweaking and a healthy review of cache settings, installation of more modules and that’s just to start. On a shared server, Drupal, with enough modules to compete with WordPress’s feature-set, will choke.

So if you’re dealing with resource limitations, or you need a simple and clean user interface, WordPress is the winner. If you’re looking at a complicated design, with the need for cutting edge code, Drupal should be your playground.

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