Who's the Queen of Google+? It's Brittany Spears

Britney Spears knows a thing or two about the power of online social networking. The American pop music star is now the reigning queen of the burgeoning Google+ online social network. Social Statistics, a website that tracks trends and developments in the world of Google+, more than a million social media netizens in Google+ are now following the blonde pop wonder. Not only is Britney the first Google+ user to gather a million followers, she has also managed to take the top spot away from Google co-founder Larry Page.

Just a few weeks ago, Britney was celebrating her 30th birthday and enjoying her almost 800,000 followers on Google+. Less than a month later the sexy singer announced her engagement to Jason Trawick, a 40-year old man who previously served as Britney’s agent. The engagement has been the subject of much discussion in Britney’s favorite social media channels. She’s definitely attuned to her status as an online social networking maven: she has kept her many followers on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter up-to-date on every detail regarding her engagement.

Britney Spears may currently be the most circled woman on Google+, but those statistics pale in comparison to the massive numbers of people following her on Facebook -15.4 million- and Twitter – 11.4 million. For an online social network that was only made public less than six months ago, the current statistics seem very promising. Besides Spears and Page, rapper Snoop Dogg, fashion model Tyra Banks and business mogul Richard Branson round off the most circled personalities on Google+.

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