Why Don't Loud Snorers Wake Up in the Middle of the Night?

Everybody knows a friend or family member with a bedtime snore that seems louder than a lion’s roar.  The snore is so loud that you have to fall asleep before they do; otherwise you aren’t getting to bed anytime soon.  Have you ever noticed that the loud snorers never wake up in the middle of the night?  They just keep sawing logs like they are cutting down a forest.  There are a couple of reasons why the snoring giant will sleep through his own noises.  Neil Kline of the American Sleep Association explains that “our ability to sleep through loud noises changes during the night as our body transitions between the different stages of the sleep cycle”.  Did you know that even snores louder than the volume of a fire alarm may fail to wake the sleeping beauty from deep sleep?  On average people are in deep sleep 20% of the night.  In deep sleep, you don’t wake up.  During the other 80% of the time, their snores can wake them up numerous times without him or her realizing it.  Even though a loud snort can wake you for a few seconds, it is simply not long enough for you to completely awaken.   You might be oblivious to your brief sleep interruptions at the time they occur, but it comes at a price.  If you have increased sleepiness during the day, it might be a result of the fragmented sleep you had last night.  I guess there is really nothing better than a good nights rest.

Original Article: http://www.popsci.com/science/article/2009-11/why-don%E2%80%99t-loud-snorers-wake-themselves

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