Why Offices Need a Nest

Business owners and small office managers must pay special attention to where each and every penny is spent. Unlike large corporations with big bottom lines, there cannot be waste that slips between the cracks. In addition to being responsible for allocating spending efficiently, small businesses must keep an eye on expansion in the future. All of these variables make it necessary to take control where businesses most often loose the most money. Environmental controls such as lighting, waste disposal, and most critical of all, heating and cooling should be where tightening the belt begins.

Programmable thermostats have been the equipment of choice for many years in small offices. However, the future has made itself known in the form of the Nest thermostat. In addition to working in tandem with the schedule of your office, it learns how to increase efficiency as the needs of the office change and grow. This learning thermostat even comes with a Business Setting that allows it to use specific algorithms that have been refined for the unique needs of the every business.

Assisting the Nest in learning the ins and outs of the office is simple. One simply sets it to a comfortable temperature during business hours and reduces it to a reasonable temperature before leaving in the evenings. The Nest will proceed in applying its energy-saving programs to further refine the settings over time. These features include programs such as Time to Temperature, Nest Leaf, and Auto-Away. 

The Auto-Away is ideal for an environment where the door is constantly opening and closing as employees come and go. It even compensates for extended lunch hours or a sudden break in the day in which the temperature can be reduced in order to save on energy costs. Business managers also run into the problem of employees changing thermostat settings throughout the day. The Temperature Lock setting helps to regain control of the environment. This setting can be used to define a specific range of available temperatures so that office workers can retain some control of their environment without impacting the company budget. In order to change the setting, adjust the schedule for temperature changes, or manipulate other functions, managers simply need to input a programmable PIN.

The other major benefit of the Nest system is that it can be controlled remotely when put into the Away Mode. Using this feature, internal temperatures can be controlled via the mobile App that works on nearly every available operating system. The Nest system is set up to be completely versatile. You only need one account to monitor the environment in both your home and the office.

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