Why you need to install Google Analytics right now

If you’re just starting up your blog or Web site and you’re not sure if you want to monetize it or if you don’t know if how well it’s trafficked even matters to you, you may not see the immediate need for installing and using Google Analytics. And that would be short-sighted.

Let’s start with the fact that Analytics is fiendishly easy to install – a withbeans.com correspondent added the tracking code to his Web site within a few minutes and was also pleased to discover that when he moved his site pages over to WordPress, Analytics continued analyzing without interruption (by the way, WordPress users running analytics would also do well to install this plugin that tracks lots of links from within posts).

But the main reason to install Analytics right away isn’t just because it’s there, or its ease of installation or use. The first day you install this program is akin to the first day you start shooting a time-lapse photograph of a flower growing – you’re not getting instant gratification from this puppy. You may have to wait a week or two or a month to see appreciable changes. And the moment you see visitation start to claw upwards on your site is akin to that joyful moment in the time-lapse photo when you see the flower petals starting to open. In short, even if you don’t think you need Analytics now, it needs a little time to cook.

Our aforementioned withbeans.com correspondent didn’t need Analytics at first, either, but once he incorporated more jump pages and posts into his site, he did have a desire to see which pages were underperforming. His favorite Analytics feature? The simple “day/week/month/year” toggle that gives him a glimpse of site visits and reassures him that he isn’t the only one visiting his site. Because let’s face it, admit it or not, how well your site’s trafficked always matters to you.

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