Why Your IT Project May Be Riskier Than You Think

To stay ahead, having the most up to date infrastructure and technology is usually wise. Unfortunately, staying current can be costly and many companies are not always able to frequently their networks and management programs. When it is finally time to update and make improvements, the IT project turns out to be a huge undertaking that has the potential for disaster.

Before beginning any such project, it is essential that it be scrutinized from every angle possible. These endeavor have historically gone over budget and have had the ability to cost people their jobs, ruin companies and even have negative effects on cities and countries. There is no such thing as a simple IT project. If careful planning is done, it certainly has the potential for being successful.

There are many horror stories in the industry about such failed attempts. For example, when the Hong Kong Airport badly needed to update the IT infrastructure, there were major problems with the flight information system as well as cargo tracking. Over $600 million in lost business occurred as a result of this.

That is not to say that nobody should attempt such IT projects because of the potential for disaster. There are also stories of companies that were amazingly successful with their projects. In all of these cases, the companies often spent tireless months just in the planning stages. Every angle was looked at and almost all possible scenarios were reviewed. Having the fewest amount of surprises is usually what makes thing go the smoothest.

There are a lot of risks involved with any IT project, but it is just as risky to not make important updates and changes. If you plan things out, it will hopefully go smoothly and even benefit the business in the long run.

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