with beans timesaver #1: Picasa

Sending photos back and forth as e-mail attachments never seems to be a problem until the worst possible moment, typically around the time you need to exchange high-resolution images with a client or colleague and you discover that one or both or your e-mail systems can’t handle the size of the photos. Or, you figure out that you can send photos one at a time, but by the time your client sees your e-mail with the subject line “Photo 17 of 25,” you can assume his patience is long gone.

Enter Picasa, a killer app that allows you to share photos without transmitting them. Say you have a folder of 25 very high-res photos on your desktop. After downloading Picasa, you can add your photo folder to the easy-to-navigate window that opens once you start the program. Then, you can sync that folder to a public Web album. Once synched, a URL is dedicated for that folder – the naming convention would be something like http://picasaweb.google.com/name of your Gmail account/name you gave the folder#. At that point you can send your client the URL corresponding to that folder and have him download the photos himself.

Making this transaction even easier is that you can caption each photo and alter the captions before or after you sync the images. Likewise, you or your recipient can add images on either side; just let each other know to check the public folder again to see the changes. For any photographer, art director, editor, or other businessperson who handles images, this is a timesaver you don’t want to do without for too much longer.

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