Wordspeak 101! Use These Powerful Phrases at Work to Get Noticed!

Have you ever noticed the correlation between your mood, and the words you speak? Have you ever taken the time to reveal any patterns of your own communication (good or bad), and the reaction you get from others? Whether you have the deal with a difficult co-worker from time to time, or you’d love to increase your own confidence, your words matter. In fact, a single word—when you choose the right word—has to power to put you in a position of power, every single time.

The Power a Single Word Holds

No matter how you look at it, or how rarely you think about it, there’s a Universal truth about people when it comes to communication and here it is: we are listening less, and reacting more. In other words, we aren’t really taking in what the other person is saying so much as we are hearing key words that cause us to react either in a negative or positive way.

For example, if your boss is talking to you and using words like ‘problem,’ ‘can’t’, or ‘downsizing,’ you’re going to ignore the other words spoken and just focus on those words I just mentioned. Why? Because they hold power. These words hold power in a negative way and may cause you to be alarmed, or feel uncertain about your job security.

But, just think how differently a conversation could go, and what new direction you could take if the words were positive—and as a result, powerful (in a good way)? What then? Just by tweaking your words, you have the power to move the masses, energize a whole team of employees (that look like they always have a case of ‘the Mondays’) or simply ‘clear the air’ and have inspiring dialog with your boss.

Play Powerfully: Words That Bring On Leadership and Engagement

If everyone was educated about language—and the power it truly holds—than everyone would be a leader. But leadership is about a responsibility to educate, inspire and mold others. It’s about consistency, and the single, easiest way to embody leadership is with your words. It tells others what you’re thinking, and shows them what you’re capable of.

Imagine a single word being able to do all of that! Start by removing words such as problem, lose, failed, trapped, weakness, limitations and hardship. Replace those words with challenge, strength, solution, win, triumph, story, choice, growth, potential, progress and meaning. Replace the word can’t, with can. Replace the phrase “I won’t” or “I don’t have time for…” with “I’ll take a look at my resources and readjust my schedule as needed to complete…”

Your words are a choice—and you can choose to either be positive, or negative. You can choose to be a victim, or someone who thrives no matter what you’re faced with. Most importantly, you can choose words that will get you noticed, earn notoriety and communicate to others that you’re a true leader in every single way.

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