You bought your netbook. Now trick it up.

When it comes to a netbook, “to buy or not to buy” is likely no longer the question because if you’re predisposed to cute gadgets and low price points, chances are you already bought one.

You went into the purchase with your eyes open, knowing full well that it was not a full-powered laptop, but probably hoping that you could treat it like one, at least from time to time. Lifehacker blogger Jason FitzPatrick has pulled together a good post on tricking up your netbook that includes such tips as selectively tweaking your netbook, and that might include shelling out “$30-60 [to] upgrade the 1GB of RAM to 2GB of RAM.” You’ll also want to consider stripping your machine of “bloat and crapware,” using a tool like PC Decrapifier. FitzPatrick includes the caution that once you start weeding out junk, restrain yourself from going overboard. And let’s face it, we’ve all been on the verge of going over the side. He recalls:

“On my Asus Eee netbook there were two very similar programs with similar Eee branded names. One was a useful aggressive battery monitoring application designed to squeeze even more life out of my 6-cell battery and the other was a fairly useless application dock only for Eee netbook apps. Had I blanket nuked all the installed apps, I’d have kicked out the useful battery tool with the rest of the junk.”

Along these lines you’ll want to put your netbook apps on a diet, too. FitzPatrick notes “that you may use Firefox loaded down with 1,001 extensions on your quad-core home computer but opt to run Firefox with only one or two critical extensions or Google Chrome on your netbook.”

Another good suggestion is that you avail yourself of your netbook’s keyboard shortcuts so you don’t depend more on its cramped keyboard than necessary, a point that underscores the best tip of all if you’re a netbook owner:  “Netbooks are limited and you can’t be happy using one unless you accept that.”

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

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