Your Vision, Slogan, Belief - Intention Can Improve Workplace Success

Your Vision, Your Slogan, Your Belief:  Why Intention Can Improve Workplace Success

When it comes to your job, everyone has a compliant or two. Is it gossipy co-workers? An unappreciative boss or staff? Do you feel devalued? Unfortunately, complaining won’t get you anywhere—and it certainly won’t get you that coveted office with a view. But here’s your go-to turnaround: learn to turn your complaints into positive action, and 2015 can be the year your career gets better than ever. Here’s how to set your intention and manifest the opportunities and income you’ve been waiting for!

It’s Not ‘Risky’ When Intention is Your ‘Business’

Everyone has heard the expression, “Be careful what you wish for.” That’s because out of all those ‘tools’ you have at your disposal—past experience, intellect and sound judgment—your mind (and in particular, your imagination) is the greatest and most powerful tool you have in your possession. It’s at your constant disposal. Use it to your full advantage! When you learn how to leverage your imagination at work, you can make your current work environment the dream job you’ve been only merely wishing for.

Setting your intention is about turning a wish or ‘request’ you have into a reality.

Here’s how to do it: breathe, smell and taste the success you’re longing for, as though you already have it. For example, if you want the opportunity to be seen as a valuable employee with creative ideas on how to improve productivity (instead of merely an accountant who crunches numbers) use your imagination to generate change! The following exercise will show how to manifest workplace success, and all it takes is just five minutes a day.

Prepare and Practice: The In Office Intention Exercise

Setting your intention isn’t a magical ‘cure’ for workplace success. You still have to do the work to get that bonus, that deal, or that promotion. However, knowing what you want and reminding yourself what it is you desire (stating your intention on a daily basis) is the shortcut to achieving it.

Spend five minutes each morning imagining what it is you want. If it’s an opportunity to take on more responsibility, a promotion to a management position or being surrounded by a supportive, family-like work environment, imagine what it feels like to really be there. The key is to get your mind to believe in that very thing you want, because once your mind believes it, you effortlessly bring it to you.

As you focus on the thing you want, what do you see? What do you hear? What emotions do you feel now that you’ve achieved your goal in your mind?

When you cultivate an intention specific mindset about work, the ‘hard work’ or struggle to get what you want ceases to exist.  The frustration is over. Things come to you—whether that may be a promotion, friendly co-workers, or an office with a view—easily and struggle-free. There’s no more fight to achieve workplace success and career satisfaction.  Act as though you already have the workplace of your dreams, and be prepared for it to come true. (Just be ready, because it will happen more quickly than you think!)

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