ZOHO or SalesForce?

Strong sales and good communication with potential customers is what drives any business. No matter what business you’re in, you’re going to need a good online CRM solution. Two of the most proven and popular options are Zoho and Salesforce. What’s the difference between these two customer tracking solutions?

Both companies offer the basic CRM needs. They both integrate with Outlook and Office and have various options for collaboration and remote access. The main factor in the decision basically comes down to your current size and how much you plan to grow.

If you have a niche business that sees steady income but has little potential to suddenly expand into a massive enterprise, Zoho is probably just right for your needs. You can set it up quickly and get started right away. It has all the basics you need for an affordable price.

However, if you want customizable reports, developer integration tools, web services, and lots of extras, you’ll definitely want to look into SalesForce. Although it costs more, you get a lot for your money with SalesForce. Do you want to take SalesForce data and put it in your own database or website? No problem. You’ll pay more with SalesForce but the extra options are well worth it for medium to large organizations.

Since Salesforce has a free trial, you can always see if it meets your needs before settling on one solution. If SalesForce ends up being too complex for your needs, Zoho provides a simple solution for the small niche business.

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