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CXRE provides comprehensive commercial facility maintenance services for commercial real estate assets and buildings from our offices in Houston, Texas. We take a holistic approach to your building maintenance and building operations, one which is unrivaled in the industry. CXRE is the clear leader in Houston commercial property management, so we can assure you of your building’s energy efficiency and health performance. When it comes to corporate facility maintenance, our comprehensive service packages are unsurpassed in quality and cost-savings. For more information on our corporate services visit our corporate services page.

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We are capable of maintaining entire portfolios of modern and aged facilities, even if they are geographically dispersed.

Our integrated facility maintenance solutions offer you flexibility and expertise.

By focusing on our core competencies, you allow your commercial office building & warehouse portfolio to be maintained by the experts in the field of operations and maintenance strategy. Let us take the worry out of environmental & regulatory compliance. If you own a modern office building portfolio, we can assist you in dynamically displacing costs and creating value through increased CAP rates.

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We maximize facility performance through disciplined actions, remarkable client service and proactive engagement with stakeholders.


We provide complete janitorial, lighting, porter, HVAC, elevator, generator, roof and structural maintenance services.

Case Study: Why a Publicly Traded Company Placed 160 Facilities with CXRE

The Problem: Multiple Facility Maintenance Vendors

In 2006, Consolidated Communications was struggling with managing their portfolio of 160 facilities across 50 cities. These facilities comprised 1,200,000 square feet of office, training, data center and mechanical areas spread across 250 miles. They struggled to find a single vendor who could maintain all the buildings which were in both city and rural areas, so they used multiple local vendors. This resulted in unsatisfactory conditions and high charges. By consolidating commercial real estate vendors across the entire portfolio of facilities, the client procurement team felt added value could be unlocked. If only they could find a trusted partner with the logistical skills necessary to execute such a complex project.

The Solution: Single Source Facility Maintenance and Management

Consolidated Communications turned to CXRE’s Omega Group for a solution to manage all 160 facilities. CXRE began services at all 160 buildings on the same day and performed exceptionally well, according to the client’s real estate manager. Consolidated Communications saved approximately $360,000 over the first 3 years by switching to CXRE while also receiving far superior service. Client staff was provided real time, even in 2006, photo inspections of all 160 locations – saving them additional travel time to inspection asset conditions.


CXRE® focuses client resources on providing operationally efficient services. Efficiency is doing only the right things.


CXRE® has been the leader in doing things right through innovative business modeling, reporting and asset maximization.

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CXRE® sends our facility managers to be trained in remarkable client service at AAA Five Star Resorts.

LEED Compliance Services for Facilities

We take the worry out of facility green maintenance. When you choose our integrated facility maintenance team, you save time and money. In fact, many clients choose to utilize our entire portfolio instead of hiring a property management company. Our property management clients utilize our entire services portfolio to streamline their operations and allow their property managers to focus on more properties. By stretching property managers over more square feet to manage, the profitability of their operations increases dramatically. Our LEED-accredited professionals ensure that your building is always compliant. In addition, our preventative maintenance program will keep your facility running smoothly while saving you money. We at CXRE can offer you one invoice, years of experience, and something that’s even more valuable: peace of mind.

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Bearing a unified front in the workplace, we are collectively able to be an exceptional company to all we serve.

We execute this exceptionalism through our disciplined commercial property management services, structured facility maintenance services, sustainable commercial janitorial services, smart energy efficiency solutions, and creative facility performance dashboards. In addition, we offer facility services on a strategic level. In other words, we discover opportunities for your business to grow exponentially, and in ways you may not have thought existed.

• Vendor Management. Look no further than CXRE to negotiate with your vendors. We save you the time and money you’re spending on unnecessary resources. We can also advise you as to the quality of both vendors and products. There’s never been a better time to invest in us—we make your business better.

• Management of Energy Use. There’s no one more qualified than CXRE to assess and strategize your use of energy. By assessing your overall use, we can determine new ways to reduce your energy bills and carbon emissions through a variety of cost-reducing strategies. And like our name, we can also guide you through sustainability and green building management.

• Emergency Continuity. When a natural disaster or power outage occurs, we can provide you with logical alternative solutions so that your business can continue without interruptions.

• Safety. We are serious about safety, and follow all safety policies and procedures in accordance to hospitals, offices and laboratories.

• Energy and Life Cycle Management. We are highly skilled at helping you strategize the most cost effective and time sensitive goals of your organization.

Our unique ability to manage extremely complex facilities – operations, maintenance and energy retrofitting – gives retail, medical, office, institutional and government owners a value which is unparalleled.

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