Portfolio Administration

At CXRE, we pride ourselves on saving you time, money and business-related headaches. It’s simply the result of providing exceptional customer service to each and every client on our roster. Our brokerage, facility management and property management services offer just what you need to create an exceptional collection of assets, which manifests in exceptional real estate asset returns.
Leasing Abstraction Services. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone who was qualified to look over leasing documents and make sure you’re in-the-know about your financial obligations? We provide just that, and the perfect addition to your ever-growing needs as a successful company.
Recovery Management. Rest assured: your portfolio data will be analyzed in depth by us and according to many factors (location, size, asset type, etc.) What that means for your growing business is that we turn analytics into opportunity by having audited lease documents which prevent unforeseen costs to its tenants.
Lease Expiration Notification. Our highly sophisticated system allows both the tenant and the landlord to benefit with leases under our management. We notify the client when there are critical dates that need to be met, such as lease expirations or when a viable alternative arises. In this way everyone can reach the maximum reward and a partnership that truly pays off for all.
Financial Reporting. As a business owner, you’re concerned about where your money is going, and you want to make sure your financials are in tip-top shape. Our method of analytics and reporting will ensure that your budget is always under control, and that a team of dedicated professionals is standing by ready to reduce costs and manage key lease dates.

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