Private Equity Real Estate Management

Working Inside Portfolio Companies to Create Value

CXRE provides top-tier commercial real estate management solutions to manage private equity firms’ portfolio companies’ real estate assets in a cross-organizational manner. This involves horizontally integrating real estate asset management across multiple portfolio companies in order to maximize intra-company value. Through our extensive network of centralized offices, we help asset managers fully realize their real estate asset value. We execute this strategy by maximizing facility financial performance, creating a culture of remarkable client service and effectively managing occupant (your portfolio companies’ employees) relations. By performing facility maintenance services in-house, we control the various levels of occupant interaction in a way which is quite unique to our industry. Asset managers can trust us because we control our own service delivery model – as opposed to trusting a third-party’s service delivery.
Our team of commercial portfolio property management experts provide our clients with the unique benefit of having an in-house team of compliance, technical and engineering professionals at their disposal. CXRE enables our client asset managers’ facilities to realize their unmet financial potential.

Quick Facts About Our Capabilities

  • energy management
  • expense reporting
  • Class A & LEED transitions
  • predictive maintenance
  • security team coordination
  • supplier audits
  • in-house building and structure teams
  • complete asset maintenance
  • facility financial management
  • income reporting & deposits
  • lease audits & lease administration
  • asset management dashboards
  • construction management
  • lease abstracts
  • building engineers & porters
  • IT & infrastructure management
  • Houston
  • NYC
  • Dallas-Ft. Worth
  • Atlanta
  • Austin
  • San Antonio
  • Washington DC
  • Other Major Markets


We maximize facility performance through disciplined actions, remarkable client service and proactive engagement with stakeholders.


We provide complete lease administration, asset financial management services, build-out project management, facility maintenance services and stakeholder reporting services.

Case Study: Why a Publically Traded Company Placed 160 Facilities with CXRE

The Problem: Multiple Facility Maintenance Vendors

In 2006, Consolidated Communications was struggling with managing their portfolio of 160 facilities across 50 cities. These facilities comprised 1,200,000 square feet of office, training, data center and mechanical areas spread across 250 miles. They struggled to find a single vendor who could maintain all the buildings which were in both city and rural areas, so they used multiple local vendors. This resulted in unsatisfactory conditions and high charges. By consolidating commercial real estate vendors across the entire portfolio of facilities, the client procurement team felt added value could be unlocked. If only they could find a trusted partner with the logistical skills necessary to execute such a complex project.

The Solution: Single Source Facility Maintenance and Management

Consolidated Communications turned to CXRE’s Omega Group for a solution to manage all 160 facilities. CXRE began services at all 160 buildings on the same day and performed exceptionally well, according to the client’s real estate manager. Consolidated Communications saved approximately $360,000 over the first 3 years by switching to CXRE while also receiving far superior service. Client staff was provided real time, even in 2006, photo inspections of all 160 locations – saving them additional travel time to inspection asset conditions.


CXRE® focuses client resources on providing operationally efficient services. Efficiency is doing only the right things.


CXRE® has been the leader in doing things right through innovative business modeling, reporting and asset maximization.

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CXRE® sends our property managers to be trained in remarkable client service at AAA Five Star Resorts.

Case Study: How we saved our client $3 Million

The Problem: LEED Lease Violations by Property Manager

corporate_centre_campusIn early 2008, Panatonni contacted CXRE because they suspected their property management company (the largest property manager in the USA and publically traded) and its facility maintenance (also the largest in the USA and publically traded) were not meeting sustainability requirements within the lease provisions. The tenants of the 90% occupied facilities were preparing a clawback process over LEED lease provisions which were not followed by the property management company. CXRE conducted an audit of the 300,000 square feet of LEED facilities and presented our reports to the asset owner. Within 30 days, the original property manager and their facility vendor were removed from the property assignment by the asset owner.

The Solution: Structured Process to LEED Lease Compliance

Once again, the asset owner tapped CXRE’s portfolio of services to bring the facility back within expectations and to interface with the tenants. CXRE began a 6 month process to bring the building back into compliance with LEED and basic EnergyStar standards while working with the tenants to assure them of LEED lease compliance. CXRE provided LEED-compliant facility management services for the owner from 2008-2011 when the asset was disposed to another owner. During this period, we saved the asset owner approximately $450,000 in lease clawbacks by reducing the LEED lease claims of the tenants. In addition, we created an additional $3,000,000 in asset value protection by maintaining tenant satisfaction levels for renewals and increased EnergyStar performance.

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