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For commercial real estate investors in Texas interested in superior quality returns, lower risk, and hard assets, then making an investment in commercial real estate may be a great option. CXRE Group’s expert brokers, property managers, and advisers can help you identify, evaluate, and maximize value of assets. Regardless if it is an office building, medical building, retail center, warehouse, or single-user asset, we can help.

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The 2019 Ultimate Asset Protection Planning Guide for Real Estate Investors

By working together, we will help compare risk, return, and long-term structures. As a result, this will minimize exposure and create desired outcomes. In brief, we can help you from the very beginning. Not only can we put together an asset strategy and identify potential building investments, but we can also make the purchase and manage the day-to-day operations for maximum return.

On top of that, our team of commercial property management experts provides our clients with the unique benefit of having an in-house team of compliance, technical and engineering professionals at their disposal. What’s more, CXRE enables our client facilities to realize their unmet potential while reducing or eliminating tenant turnover.




The tenants are really in charge. You heard us right and you'll agree. CXRE believes tenants drive the commercial real ...
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Updated for 2019 How to Calculate the Cap Rate of an Office Building Investment

Updated for 2019 How to Calculate the Cap Rate of an Office Building Investment

CAP RATE CALCULATOR Whenever an investor is looking to purchase a commercial property, they want to know how much income ...
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Asset Protection Planning Guide Header Image

The Ultimate Asset Protection Planning Guide for Commercial Real Estate Investors

Disclaimer: This guide provides educational and general principles and in no way represents a proposal, legal advice or specific recommendations ...
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TREC Legal Updates and the Commercial Real Estate Market

TREC Legal Updates and the Commercial Real Estate Market

The Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) oversees real estate operations in the Lone Star State. For example CXRE is a ...
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Houston Commercial Real Estate Careers at CXRE Group

Houston, Dallas, & Ft Worth Market Information and Trends

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5 Accounting Best Practices For Real Estate Investors

5 Accounting Best Practices For Real Estate Investors

In general, a good rule of thumb for life is don’t spend more money than you make. This is true ...
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How Are the Tax Code Changes for 2019 Impacting Real Estate Investors?

How Are the Tax Code Changes for 2019 Impacting Real Estate Investors?

As the saying goes, death and taxes are the only two certain things in life. For real estate investors and ...
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3 Things You Didn't Know About Houston's Opportunity Zones Locations

3 Things You Didn’t Know About Houston’s Opportunity Zones Locations

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Greenspoint Opportunity Zone

Office Buildings for Sale in Greenspoint

An Introduction to Greenspoint North of Houston is the Greenspoint/North Belt commercial real estate submarket. It is near the intersection ...
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On thw whole, we provide complete services to walk you through every step of the commercial real estate investing lifecycle. Furthermore, our trusted brokers, managers, and expert investment consultants can help with each of the 5 steps to successful commercial real estate investing.

Let Us Help You Succeed in Commercial Real Estate!

CXRE Keeps You Informed

As the Central Texas commercial real estate experts, CXRE knows the ins and outs of the industry. In general, we work in the heart of Houston commercial real estate investment. Because of this, we are always up-to-date on commercial real estate issues. When you work with us, we pass on our knowledge to help you make the best investment decisions. As a result, we can advise you on these and other issues:

Commercial Real Estate Legal Updates

The Texas commercial real estate industry is overseen and regulated by The Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC). In order to stay in good standing, firms must stay aware of legal updates. For example CXRE Group (registered as CXRE LLC, License #9004453) is a TREC Corporate Broker .

TREC makes and enforces regulations on Professional Ethics and Conduct, Practice and Procedure, General Administration, and General Provisions. These regulations cover things like broker integrity and competency, adjudicative proceedings, certain contract disputes, issues relating to licensure requirements, and other things. We keep you updated on TREC regulations and other legal issues affecting your assets. 

Tax Code Changes That Affect Your Investments

As commercial real estate investment brokers, we stay on top of tax code changes. We do this to keep clients like you informed. At the same time, if you own a Houston commercial real estate investment, you should also be aware of tax laws and code changes.

After the tax code changes 2018 (known as The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act or TCJA), some rules have changed. For example, some of the Act’s changes include modifications to AMT (alternative minimum tax), carried interest, depreciation, and the corporate tax rate. Since these tax code changes may directly impact your investments, we will keep you informed about changes affecting your assets.

Accounting Best Practices For Real Estate Investors

As a real estate investor, you should know the status of your investments, your cash flow, your liabilities, and your expenses. On top of that, real estate investors need good accounting team selection practices. By following accounting best practices, investors can increase efficiency and streamline operations. We encourage you to contact your CPA more specifics. 

In comparison, poor accounting practices could make your operations more difficult and time-consuming. Not only that, but failing to track your real estate investment finances could cost you more money. In brief, we offer advice on accounting best practices for commercial real estate investment in Houston TX and other areas.  

Market Information And Trends to Guide You

Texas is our region of expertise. Because we know Houston, Dallas-Ft Worth, San Antonio, and the surrounding suburban markets, we can advise you on market trends. For instance, we can tell you where the most affordable Class A office space is in Houston. Or we can tell you where the best areas are for purchasing land in Dallas. Not only that, but we can tell you where the real growth is happening. On top of that, we can tell you which areas are hot, which areas are in decline, and where you can get the most for your investment dollars.


To be sure, we maximize asset performance through disciplined actions, remarkable client service, and proactive engagement with stakeholders.


We provide complete lease administration, leasing, build-out project management, facility maintenance services and stakeholder reporting services.