The 15 Top Commercial Real Estate Research Tools for 2019

Top Commercial Real Estate Research Tools for 2019

Commercial real estate research tools provide accurate, up-to-date information for brokers and agents. At CXRE, we use the latest tools to help you find the perfect commercial properties. Below are the 15 top commercial real estate research tools for 2019:

  1. CRM (Customer-Relationship Management) — Topping the list is the tool no commercial broker or agent should be without. Not only does a CRM like ClientLook let you manage prospects, clients, and your pipeline, but it also has back-office functions. In addition, mobile-friendly CRMs let you take your office with you.
  2. Research & Analytics — Doing commercial real estate research, learning about vacancy research, and a host of other tasks are easier for a commercial real estate research analyst with analytic tools systems like Reonomy and REIS.
  3. GIS (Geographic Information Systems) — In essence, GIS systems hold useful geographic and spatial data. With a GIS, a commercial real estate researcher can better advise clients using important geographic data.
  4. Building Research — Knowing as much as possible about buildings is essential. For example, a tool like Reonomy offers data on 99% of all U.S. commercial real estate assets.
  5. Document Generation — Few things are more embarrassing for a professional commercial real estate agent than lacking the necessary paperwork. Not only is it embarrassing, but missing docs can delay a deal. As a result, a document generation tool, like the one in REI Wise, keeps you from missing anything.
  6. Leasing and Asset Management — Commercial real estate professionals can market, manage, and lease an entire portfolio of assets with tools like VisualLease.
  7. Marketing — Numerous marketing tools exist for commercial real estate. Some automate certain process to make agents’ jobs easier. Others, like Matterport, are specialized marketing tools which produce virtual walkthroughs of properties.
  8. Property Management — These commercial real estate research tools help property managers track tenants and properties. Specialized tools, like Aquicore, even provide real-time analytics for energy usage.
  9. Valuation — Tools like Bowery let agents quickly and easily determine the value of a property. In particular, this data is invaluable to real estate investors.
  10. Mapping Technology — Zillow helps homebuyers find homes. However, commercial real estate requires more robust tools. In brief, mapping programs like LandVision let brokers find properties quicker, see detailed property information, and even contact property owners.
  11. Benchmark Tools — Enter property info and the tool evaluates benchmarks like debt coverage ratio and gross rent multiplier. Also, commercial real estate research tools like RealBench can compare several properties at once.
  12. Employee Payroll — Getting your people paid is crucial to keeping them happy. Since commercial real estate is typically paid by commissions, special payroll tools like Brokermint and CommissionTrac are necessary.
  13. Comp Tracker — Comps (or comparables) are a cornerstone of commercial real estate. Accurate information about comps offer a solid idea how much your clients should pay to lease or purchase a property.
  14. Social Networks — Social media takes networking to an entirely new level. However, even though established networks (Facebook, Twitter) are useful, CRE-specific social networks like RealConnex are industry specific.
  15. Cash Flow — PlanEASe is specifically geared towards the analysis of multi-unit residential and office property management. With it, a commercial real estate researcher can easily access cash flow analysis and financial analysis.

The Tools to Serve All Your Commercial Real Estate Needs

These days, technology makes life easier for a commercial real estate researcher. As central Texas’ leading firm, CXRE does the commercial real estate research for you. Not only can CXRE assist you with office leasing, but we also handle purchases of various commercial properties. In addition, we handle medical offices, land deals, industrial warehouses, retail properties, and others.

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