Houston Tax Abatements for LEED

Here’s another reason to build green: a one-year tax break from the city.

To offset some of the costs associated with applying for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification from the U.S. Green Building Council, the city is giving a 1 to 10 percent tax abatement depending on how green a commercial building operates.

And the builder or owner must have spent at least $100,000 on making the building more environmentally sound.

Ordinances governing tax abatements must be renewed every two years, and the city recently updated its policies to include the green incentive.

The city made another change relating to accountability.

Companies that receive tax breaks — which typically last 10 years — do so based on their promises to make certain investments and create jobs.

Now those companies must provide an annual report to the city demon-strating that they’re holding up their end of the bargain.

“If they don’t, we ask for it back,” said Tim Douglass, deputy director of finance for economic development for the city of Houston.

Harris County also offers a green building tax abatement.

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