Where Investors Can Find Commercial Real Estate Listings

If you’re a real estate investor, you’re likely looking for profitable CRE properties for sale. There are many commercial real estate listings platforms across all asset types, so discovering the ideal property can feel like a daunting task. However, if you know which commercial property type you want, and know where to search, the process doesn’t have to be complicated.

Which CRE Property Type is Best for You?

If you’re new to commercial real estate investing, or if you want to diversify your portfolio, your first step is to identify which commercial property type you wish to purchase.

There are many different commercial real estate asset types, but the most commonly acquired are office, retail, multifamily, and industrial. Each asset type has varying degrees of risk and reward, depending on the market trends and geographical location.

Before searching commercial real estate listings, determine which property type best meets your investment goals. Understanding the risks and potential for return on investment on each can help drive your decision moving forward.

Searching On-Market vs. Off-Market

You can look for traditional commercial real estate listings on the websites listed below, pursue off-market investments, or rely on professional networking to find investment opportunities.

Now that you’ve determined which asset class to pursue, you can begin searching for the ideal property. You can look for traditional commercial real estate listings on the websites listed below, pursue off-market investments, or rely on professional networking to find investment opportunities.

On-Market Commercial Listings

Perhaps the most common way to identify commercial properties for sale is to search available on-market listings. These are properties that are currently on the market, listed in the MLS, and openly accepting offers from investors.

On-market properties represent the bulk of commercial property sales. The commercial real estate listings services we mention below almost exclusively feature on-market listings. These properties are open to all investors. Therefore, you can likely expect at least some competition from other private buyers or commercial real estate investment conglomerates.

Off-Market Commercial Properties

Off-market properties are just that: they are not currently for sale by the owner or listed on any commercial real estate listings platforms. However, some websites allow investors to identify which properties are likely to sell in the near future (those that haven’t sold in the last ten years, for instance, or those with high vacancy rates).

Using these online platforms, investors can contact the owners of these properties directly and make an offer. Because the property isn’t listed on any MLS services or traditional listings platforms, investors don’t face competition from other buyers. Furthermore, investors can identify properties in specific areas, or specific asset classes, without waiting for the ideal property to come on the market.

Rely on Professional Networking

Professional networking can be one of the best ways to find the ideal investment property.

Finally, the third way to find available CRE properties is to rely on professional networking opportunities. Brokers, property managers, and other CRE professionals have their fingers on the pulse of the local market. If you are looking for a specific property type, or want to invest in a particular neighborhood, make those desires known.

Three professionals looking at tablet Contact everyone you know in the commercial real estate field and tell them what you’re looking for in an investment property. Chances are, they’ll alert you when something becomes available. Therefore, you’ll be one of the first investors to know about a potential commercial property and can make an offer before other investors catch wind of the listing.

There are several commercial real estate professional organizations throughout the United States. Many of these groups provide networking opportunities, conferences, and other ways for brokers, property managers, appraisers, developers, investors, and other real estate professionals to connect. Here are a few of the larger CRE networking organizations:

Professional networking can be one of the best ways to find the ideal investment property. Consider joining a national or local CRE organization.

Top CRE Search Platforms

There are plenty of commercial real estate listings platforms to choose from. However, we are listing some of the most established and well-known websites.


LoopNet is perhaps the best known commercial real estate listings website available today. This website features more CRE properties than any other platform. Investors can find more than 500,000 listings at any given time, with more than one million properties sold to date.

In addition, the website received about 1.3 billion visits to its platform in the last year alone.

While LoopNet is perhaps the best place to find available CRE properties in your area, it’s important to remember you won’t be the only one looking. Properties listed on LoopNet will likely receive multiple offers, so be prepared for some competition.


Founded in 2016, CREXi has quickly become one of the CRE industry’s leaders. The brokers and other professionals behind the platform have a breadth of knowledge and experience, helping them connect investors with the ideal property faster than the competition.

CREXi relies on powerful technology to help buyers find investments in all asset classes, quickly and easily. Their online tools make buying and selling even easier, both for investors and sellers. The platform also features an auction component, where investors can bid on available properties, removing the back-and-forth negotiations.


QuantumListing is an excellent option for investors who want to look through available commercial real estate listings, for free, without any paid memberships. Search properties by geographic location, asset type, cost, and more.

Additionally, QuantumListing offers a collaboration tool for real estate teams and broker networks, so investment groups can work together to find the ideal property.


Reonomy is the leader in off-market commercial real estate properties. Their technology is unmatched, giving investors access to more than 50 million off-market CRE properties in various asset classes. The filters and other tools help you identify properties most likely to sell in the near future, or properties facing potential financial difficulty.

Using this information, you can contact the owner directly and make an offer to purchase the property before it goes on the market. This reduces your costs and helps avoid competition from other investors.


Yes, really. Craigslist is a no-frills sales website available in nearly every city across the country. And while the website isn’t as flashy, and the listings are harder to filter, it’s not uncommon to find commercial real estate gems hidden inside.

Multifamily Listings Platforms

Residential real estate giants Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com don’t feature much in the way of commercial real estate listings. However, multifamily property investors may find opportunities on these platforms.

If you’re in the market for a multifamily property, these websites might be worth a look.

Property Sales and Property Management with CXRE

Commercial real estate buildings If you’re an investor looking to expand your portfolio or want to buy your first investment property, CXRE would be honored to help. Our team of dedicated, experienced, and knowledgeable brokers can help you identify the perfect property type to meet your investment goals. Let us be the professional networking partner you need to find you next investment property.

And once you’ve purchased the property, count on our exceptional property management team to oversee your property. From construction management to operations oversight and tenant leasing, we can handle it all.

To learn more about your commercial property options, contact us today.

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