Tony Buzbee at The Mansion with CXRE Asset Director Rick Walker

Tony Buzbee at The Mansion with CXRE Asset Director Rick Walker

Tony Buzbee joins CXRE Asset Director Rick Walker at The Mansion for its third episode. Tony Buzbee is one of the most successful and well-known lawyers in the country. Tony talks about being homeless for a night, partying with Snoop Dogg, and his high-profile cases.

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I mean, even with regard to this deshaun Watson issue, which is only thing I’ll say about it, so when you’re not guess what, you’re not hearing any cars, because we’re going to auction off these cars and give the money to charity.

Yeah. When God decides to make Texas Do you see why can’t just put regular people there? I gotta put people there that do what they want to do you like really don’t care about the rules now the rule followers down deep, but they’re a little bit of cowboys calm cowboy.

Oh, you mean the Snoop Dogg? party?

Yeah, Snoop Dogg? Yeah, yeah.

I like when people who have never met us My name is a threat influenced you were in that pocket square. All right.

I can’t get it as high as you do that. Well, that’s the bulk tips from a law years of practice. I’m Rick Walker. I’m sitting down with some of my most captivating friends to discuss topics ranging from politics and business to religion and pop culture. Welcome to conversations at the mansion.

Well, Tony, thanks for thanks for hosting us today. So late last night, last time we were together, I wouldn’t plan on telling the story, but it probably wasn’t unusual for you. So we we I texted you and I knew you were staying down until this Tillman’s place and post Oh, can they tell me Hey, I’m gonna be around universal drinks. Yeah, let’s grab some drinks. So we meet up at Tillman’s place. And I think it was like a two days or three days for Christmas. It was like right around Christmas time. Yeah. And you jump out you jump out of the I think you’re driving a Rolls Royce that day, and we had some packages there and you random up to this room came back down and and I’m sitting there and this guy comes up. And this is kind of gives the viewers a context of the the intricacies of what it’s like to be Tony but this guy comes out I think it was a tech executive some sort of very, very sharp guy very, very nice guy. And he said hey, Tony, I just dropped a gift off for yet at the at the front desk. And and he was wearing a diamond bezeled watch for I forgot PJ or I forget what it was. And you were to and he made it or some sort of comment in there that infer that maybe he had bought you a diamond bezel watch for for for Christmas one year or something like that. And there’s some talk about a silver hammer or so some sort of some sort of vise like that. And so and so we had a nice conversation. He leaves about 20 minutes later, the Bellman bellhops come up, said Mr. Busby. We have more presents that were delivered for you. Do you want us to take them up to the suite with the others implying like this is that this is a regular occurrence. Like you’ve got a you’ve got a protocol for this. So they want to they want up there and then we chatted for a little while longer and then Frank Frank from your radio show. shows up and he’s got wasn’t rigatoni. He had a

he made pasta for you for Christmas. Yeah, yeah, he made him feel Parmesan.

Yeah, yeah. And apparently he does it for every year yeah. And and so and so I had it I had to leave so I walked over to the valet and I remembered Oh, I didn’t I didn’t pay for my drink. So I circle back to go through some cash on the on the end of the bar. And as I as I as I glanced at you guys out of the corner of my eye, you’re you have this giant bag and you’re removing a golden microphone from this bag. Now Tony, I didn’t get the memo that I’m supposed to bring elaborate. Yeah, for you for Christmas. I

I don’t know why. I mean, I don’t I do get a lot of stuff. I mean, I get it’s it’s that table over there. It’s usually when I come back after first the year the table is full. I get I get people send me all kinds of fruit. They send me brisket, Turkey. I mean more food than I can more food than my housekeeper can eat. So what we we didn’t do it this year, but what we usually do is we make these little care packages and put brisket and maybe a half an orange and and we go down. There’s several places in Houston where the homeless are and we hand it out. But yeah, I get Frank. He He makes me feel parmesan every year. There’s certain people in the town that always give me You know, I’ve been given custom guns. You saw that golden microphone. It’s very gratifying. I mean, I I’m not a very good gift giver. But I’m really good at taking gifts so

either bring your Frankincense or myrrh. You got the gold? Yeah,


So there’s some there’s some iconic Tony Busby stories that I was looking around for it and I couldn’t find them. With you narrating the story, you actually telling the story. So I wanted I wanted to get some stories in your own words. The first story was something that came up during the election. And I’ll I’ll give sort of intro to that. Hurricane Harvey came through decimated Houston. I think there were at 80,000 some odd structures that were that were decimated, just play destroyed. You hosted the fundraiser for the city of Houston on your own dime. And and that came up during the campaign you want to you want to

Oh you mean the Snoop Dogg party?

Yeah, Snoop Dogg. Yeah. Yeah,

we usually do a yearly party. We started we were doing it yearly then we’re doing it every other year. And we’re always looking to get a performer that’s, you know, somebody that somebody is going to put on a good show we had one year we had Snoop Dogg so this right after the hurricane we decided that that we’re going to spend this money why don’t we give people because people were you know, the good thing about Houston is when these kinds of things happen people pull together and we see this every time something bad happens 911 remember how patriotic and everybody was together after 911 2008 Hurricane Ike people came together Harvey people came together individual people doing heroic things you know, selfless service out there doing everything they could to help their neighbors even if it’s the smallest contact of just going next door and helping your neighbor rip out their drywall or things like that you saw it all over the city of Houston and in some cases all over the United States and so you know we people were in a given mood and so we we made made the party to be you know, you can go we’d like you to donate money to the to the Red Cross some people criticize that you know, I but I love the way that that was used against me in the campaign but you know, I’ve gotten grown used to it Yeah, I mean it’s it’s it’s not a bar under my saddle it’s not even a pee in my mattress anymore. You know, I kind of get kind of got used to it but that was a that was a great party and people were very giving and people continue people that didn’t come to the party gave money so I was proud of that. But we’ve always tried to try to raise money for certain charities You know, I’m Animal Rescue is something that’s very important to me. You know, a lot of the animals we have on our ranch is our animal rescue are rescued from alpacas to you know, to camels to let me just a lot of different animals horses donkeys you know we started with two donkeys we liked them so much now we’re having almost 10 donkeys that we rescued Francis loves the donkey she loves donkeys are never never need donkeys. Were that that sweet? I love donkeys there. You know, I used to make the you know the joke about you know, look like a jackass today. And then the donkey looks pretty good to

me like that. Yeah, I

want to get trouble. But yeah, we did that. And so that was that was that.

So yeah, so you have a lot it’s a larger range and you have a hyphen series you call the island. Tell us tell us about how that’s all laid out.

Yeah, we have a have a ranch that is it’s just northeast Texas. piney woods. A lot of horses, donkeys. Lots of cows. The typical thing you would you would see on a on a ranch pigs hogs. And then there’s this area where we have llamas, alpacas. There’s an area where we have a few goats. There’s an area where we have some some buffalo but there’s another the separate area that’s that we call buzzbee Island, which is high fenced and we have every kind of antelope you can think about some critically endangered others just endangered we have camels there we have, gosh, every kind of deer you can think of. And it’s just a nice place to go and you can just go through one of the gates and basically you’re doing a kind of a safari and the ultimate goal was to was to have a place that safe that we can bring kids out to and from Houston and let them pet the animals and and that sort of thing and that’s in the work we hope to be doing that by the end of the this year right? But it’s gonna you know, a lot of people have zebras, wildebeest a lot of these animals that people would never see and you know you bring bring five or 10 kids from Houston with with a chaperone. Bring them out. Let them let them pet the miniature goats and the little potbelly pigs and let them pet the llamas and alpacas and let them feed a giraffe and, and watch the zebras run. Probably be a very nice experience for a child to kind of open their eyes a little bit about what’s out there in the world and certainly feed them feed them a nice meal and give them a nice bonk and bring them back. So you’ve done a lot of work with the rescue horses I’ve seen. I’ve seen you have a trainer out there and really, really helped quite a bit of them. lots lots of those rescues can be can be salvaged to even ride. You know the the habitat for horses, which is an Alvin, Texas is the largest rescue horse rescue organization in the country. Willie Nelson I think rescue took 100 horses from them once. They have hundreds upon horn hundreds of horses of people that that for whatever reason, just gave up their horse. And so anybody that’s, you know, and they know which horses are they can probably be trained and be safe and they know which ones can’t. When we went out there we chose we chose with one exception. I said just give us the worst ones, you have the ones that give you the most trouble. Wow. And you know, had a horse that somebody had left a halter on for when it was a baby and just deformed its face. You know, people can be quite cruel with animals. And, you know, we’re slowly those horses are gentle. You can pet them feed them carrots, so they’re just you know, and I think we have 13 or 14 of them now. And the trainer is is has some weather so gentle. You can ride them without even a bridle. You can ride them bareback. Wow. But he spends a lot of time with him. And we’re even going to rescue tortoises.

I saw the call from tourists to go out and

she wants to she wants to she wants to get some tortoises. I’ve never had a lot of you know, I’m just kind of scared of those things.

The Black Stallion is yours. That’s mine. Okay,

okay. That’s the horse that I that. I have two horses that I ride. I ride him. And then well, three really but but he’s the one but you got to be on your P’s and Q’s when you ride him. But yes, he’s, he’s full of He’s full of life. And he’s big. Yeah. And fast and spirited. And he knows how to do all the prancing stuff and all that stuff. I don’t know how to do that. But a horse trainer knows how to do all that stuff. He’s though he’s the one. I don’t know if you remember the rodeo that I wrote in the road. Yes. Yeah. So he’s a beautiful, beautiful horse. Yeah,

yeah. So you also have the the outside of the store in probably the first story that people heard about Tony Busby was the tank story.

Yeah. Yeah. So my, one of my lawyers who I was my college roommate, who we went to Marines together at the same time. He’s always he knows I like to collect things, you know, I like I like historical items. You know, anytime there’s a any sort of auction. I’ve gotten, like wine decanters from George Washington or the tobacco box that was on FDR, his desk or lb Jays cufflink box, a piece of the Star Spangled Banner, you know, sketches done by john F. Kennedy, Jr. Or john F. Kennedy, things like that, that he’s always on the on the lookout for or sometimes you might see it come across, you know, social media or something, I’ll say to him, Hey, get that for me. Let’s see if you can get that. I’ve been to Normandy twice. And my grandfather landed I think D plus four at Normandy and fought all the way to Berlin. And I have all of his historical things that he brought back all kinds of Nazi stuff. He pulled off dead Nazi soldiers and, and just all kinds of stuff that that he back then different than now you could collect more souvenirs and bring them home? Yeah, I mean, he brought home a German Ruger pistol. He took off a dead Nazi officer. Multiple helmets, stuff you couldn’t you can’t do that today. I mean, they don’t like to bring back anything. But so I have a lot of those kinds of things. And I’ve been to the the Titan Museum, that’s right outside of Normandy. They had some private individual had put together just this incredible selection of tanks. Well, they announced that that that he was going to retire the family didn’t want to fool with his museum anymore. This was his life work. And David, this lawyer, I’m talking about this colleague of mine, he said, You know, they’re auctioning off everything. And I said, Really, thank you give me a tank. And I said, it’d be really cool. We could run over cars and you’re on at the ranch. And I didn’t think it was gonna be that big of a deal. But when people found a couple of my friends found out that we were that I was getting a tank and it took a year to get it. It took a you know, we had to clear customs in France, and then it went to England. And then it went to Galveston and then I had to get d o t approval to bring it up the freeway and I had police escorts that told me exactly where to put it, which was kind of ironic when then they started taking it Yeah, they’re the ones that put it there. And so we had, you know, it took a year because it was just a bunch of administrative stuff. And so several of my buddies like, what are you gonna do? And I said, I’m having it delivered from Galveston straight to northeast Texas to leave it at my ranch. Oh, no, man, you can’t do that. We want to see it, we want to see it, you’ve never invited us to your ranch, we want to I said, Well, I’ll park it in my front yard for a week or so. So when we got it to, to my neighborhood, we couldn’t get it up the driveway, it was too large and they were worried that was going to ruin the the concrete going up the driveway and then ruin the the front. And so the police said, we’ll just put some wood down and you can leave it right here. And we put up cones, we put reflectors on it. And that’s where we left it. Well, it became a huge thing.

This is on the most expensive street in Houston, it became a huge thing. Yeah.

You know, it’s it wasn’t I mean, people park in that area all the time the tank is, is specifically designed, I mean, the freeways of the United States are designed to for tanks to roll down them because the entire Not only is the interstate system, a system for transportation, it’s also a system for mobilizing. Or, okay, so these tanks are specifically designed for the width, its insides to travel down our road. That’s how all of our roads are designed in such in that way, ultimately. So this thing is not wider than a normal car. It’s just sitting there on the side. You know, of course, it makes quite an impression when you’re driving by and all sudden you see a world war two tank sitting there that’s fully restored. Yeah. So it created a lot of interest. And a lot of people just loved it. There were no complaints at all, none, not one person complained. In fact, a lot of people, you know, a lot of the people that I know, brought their kids over and took pictures and you know, they really thought it was kind of cool. And and I thought but not a lot of it. I was you know, it was going to have it moved. And then I got a letter from the HOA which said that, you know, it was it was a it was a hazard because it was causing it was causing, you know, traffic back, which isn’t what wasn’t the case at all. And they’re afraid somebody would get hurt climbing around on it. And of course, somebody got hurt climbing around on it. It’s have a sign on, it says don’t climb around. But I know people did. But if somebody got hurt, it wouldn’t be the homeowners association, they would look forward to be me. Who would be the bigger target may or the homeowners association. Yeah. So that kind of made me mad. And you know, and I’m not some big Hoa advocate or anti Hoa person. But I called the guy up. And I said, Don’t ever send me a letter like this anymore. Don’t I’m throwing it straight in the trash. And if you want to move the tank, you can go out and go and call the cops and tow it. Good luck to you. And that created a stir. And so then every two days, there would be a ticket on it. One of the cops started taking into the tank. Remember these are same police officers that told me exactly that gave me the that gave me the police escort without even asking. Yes. And then stayed there with me while the guy that was that was operating it placed it exactly where they said put it these that’s the same place. So when I started getting tickets, I said you know, I was actually had planned on moving it this week, but I’m gonna leave it there two more weeks. Just just that’s just the way I am. And some people would say, well, it’s a real jerk move. But you know, I did it.

Yeah. So

well, that’s what I do it again. I don’t know. I mean, maybe I’d put it on the side street. I don’t know. But you know, but, but it is what it is and the tank is. I did take it out to my ranch. I did run over three cars. It was incredibly scary. I get I got a real understanding of the five people that made up a crew and those tanks and they are just in their like little sardines. course, people back then were smaller. Yeah, you know, my granddad was was five they probably weighed a buck 30 but I couldn’t imagine living in one it’s the same tank in that movie. That Brad Pitt was and fury. Yeah, exact same tank. Wow. And they really in that movie portrayed exactly how how cramped it is, and then how they make their whole lives living inside this tank. So we went out and ran over a few cars. You know, there’s no soft spots in there. Yeah, your head hits. I mean, it’s. So I said boys, I think we’ve had our phone. So we donated it to to a museum and College Station and they committed to keeping it operation because it’s a lot of work to keep it because it’s all metal, you know? And so they have a fully restored Word fully operational with the exception of the main gun tank now and they are also part of the agreement was that they would make it available to the a&m Corps cadets to the extent that they wanted to use it. So I thought you know that the the end of the stories is good.

Yes, yes, yes. Well, that story is about the Texas panache as we like to call it this text sceetos like when God decides he’s gonna make Texas he said Why can’t just put regular people there? I got to put people there that do what they want to do that really don’t care about the rules. Now the rule followers down deep, but they’re a little bit there cowboy. Let’s

call him cowboy. Yeah, well, look,

I mean, let you think it’s people like, you know, you know, I’m going to Texas, you know, yeah, you know, that. I mean, that whole mentality and the mentality of the Alamo and and, you know, doing things, you know, bold things that some people were, you know, people that are that are more hesitant, or are reticent, you know, wouldn’t do? Yeah, like, I mean, I had, I’ve had cases I’ve been involved in, where, you know, so my lawyer friends are like, Han, are you sure you want to be in that? You sure you want to do that? And, you know, you just have to trust your instincts. And, and, and go forward?

Yeah. So do you? Do you think it’s that you only pick winners? are winners only pick you like, how do you have such a high degree of success in your business?

That I don’t know, I think the law business is one of the one of the few businesses that you have a lot of control over your success. You know, in real estate, there’s nothing you can do about, you know, when you hit an economic downturn, oil prices go down, you know, you may be doing everything, right, and you’re just a victim of circumstance. In the legal business, you know, I usually, any case that I’m personally involved in, I meet the client, I talked to them, I get my sense of them. I assume all clients lie, or shade the truth, and I try to spend a lot of time getting to get in there to make myself comfortable. And then in the legal business, you know, the motions, I file the arguments I make, you know, I have a control over almost, I mean, obviously, I can’t control the Court’s decisions, but I can make the best pitch and hopefully stacked the deck and my favorite with real logic and reasoning and passion. And there’s, for somebody like me, there’s no better business. And the margins are good. Yeah, you know, and I get to choose the people I work with. So I’m blessed that I get to choose the people I work with, and surround myself with, I get to choose the clients I want to work with. So, so I think, you know, and there might be some cases that I know are tough, tougher than others. You know, I don’t just take the easy ones. But I do have the, the, I am lucky enough and fortunate enough and haven’t been doing this a while, then I do get sold out by people that have very good cases. And so my advice always to the to our young lawyers, is, you know, why? There’s there’s Gosh, 1000s upon 1000s of lawyers. In Texas and Houston, there’s there’s almost 2 million lawyers in the United States. Why would somebody choose you? And if you don’t have an answer to that you’re probably not in the right business. Yes, you know, and so, and I know why people choose me. So you need to figure out and you don’t have to have the same personality as me. You can, you know, you need to have the same work ethic. But you you know, I can teach you most everything you need to know what I can’t teach you to be as hungry. And I can’t teach you just try to set yourself apart something you’re going to figure out, you know, in your professional development. So I guess sometimes I choose winners, and sometimes winners choose me.

So probably one of the biggest winners of Texas Governor Rick Perry chose you. When he was facing as a sitting governor facing life in prison. I believe memory serves 99 years. Yeah,

yeah. Yeah. And I was driving, I was driving to pick up my children from Camp Longhorn. And I had read about the indictment. I didn’t even know that the grand jury had been impaneled, he had hired a different lawyer to manage that. The advice was, this is silly. There’s not can’t be an indictment on something like this. But are you guys friends back then? Yeah. Okay. Yeah. And lo and behold, they indicted him. And, you know, I made the point. And it’s true that you can end up in data ham sandwich in Texas, because the way it works is and that’s why we both believe there needs to be grand jury reform, is that the only person that gets to talk, you know, of course, the defendants not going to charge is not going to talk. So you got a prosecutor in there who can show these grand jury members anything he or she wants, and can comment on the evidence and can get an indictment for literally anytime they want. And the only time you will get a no bill. No one diamond is when they don’t want one, and it clears them. So nobody accuses him of not prosecuting the case it should be prosecuted. So they have 100% ability to get what they want out of that grand jury. So that particular when when the criminal complaint was filed by this liberal group out of Austin, several judges because it went to several judges, to impanel, a grand jury recused themselves. So they they had to go to San Antonio to get a judge. And that judge was the one that appointed the special prosecutor because the Austin or the the Travis County District Attorney’s Office completely recused itself. So you had a San Antonio district judge who appointed his own prosecutor. And that prosecutor was the one who put the evidence in front of the grand jury and of course, got the indictment like like, you know, everybody would have known he was, and recced team at the time didn’t put any contrary evidence in front of them, including the constitution that gives him absolute authority to do exactly absolutely what he did or a video of that da who was so drunk, she was spitting at the police officers, that sort of thing. So recall, she he was indicted for a line item veto. He basically is this specific da, because she was in Travis County and Austin. She had the ability she had a budget of about seven or 8 million, which that budget was used to investigate any elected official across the state of Texas. It’s very specifically set up by the legislature and it gives her the authority to do that. Well, she was pulled over when she was going the wrong way. On on a road, pulled over with a bottle of vodka, half half empty sitting on the sitting on her neck seat over. She was belligerent. She fought the cops. They had to restrain her they had to restrain her legs and her arms. And she kept spitting at them. Remember, this is an elected district attorney for Travis County, one of the largest counties in our state’s the home of our sitting government. She was spitting at these officers I had to put a spit guard over her. And so when Rick heard about this, he he said I don’t think she should be investigating anybody. So he said I’m going to veto unless she appoints somebody else in her office to to run that particular division. I’m going to veto she has no credit.

So he didn’t even demand a resignation. He just asked her to appoint somebody

else for this because I’m in charge this is part of this is you know, you have your own budget, but this 7 million that’s my budget. Yeah. And I get to decide how it’s spent. So she refused, he vetoed. Then he gets indicted. The conventional wisdom, of course, was once you’re accused of a crime, shut your mouth. So I learned about the indictment just on my phone. And I got a call from a blocked number. And the only person that calls me from block numbers is Governor Perry. He said could you come to Could you come to the the mansion, like? Yeah, I mean, I kind of knew what it’s about. So I went over there. And he said, I want you to lead my team. I want you to put together the team the best in the contrary, he said, and then you got do it. How do you think is right? And I said, Well, I think you should be on TV tomorrow. Is this was a I think they announced on Friday said it was public on Saturday. And I think he did his press conference either on Saturday or Sunday, he did a press conference. And we kind of control the narrative of pointing out how baseless This was and how it all came about and how it was it shady and sketchy and, and we got national figures like Mike Dershowitz to chime in. And we put together a team of people had been involved in high profile, Democrat and Republican who are willing to write op eds to newspapers and and then we press the case really hard. And we press that judge very hard. He’s on the Court of Criminal Appeals now. But we pressed him. He didn’t like the publicity. You know, I went over to the the special prosecutor who was not a criminal defense lawyer. That’s what he was. I went over to San Antonio to meet with him. I said, Man, you’re never gonna win this case. You can’t win this case, why don’t you stop it now and save, save all of us to trouble. And he thought he had a tiger by the tail. You know, he had a friendly judge. He was obviously they were friends. He opponent was appointed by him. And we, we played it out, and we got some of the charges. You know, the judge, the city judge, and I don’t have any negative thing to say about him, but it was a hot case really hot, and he refused to dismiss any of it. Then we went to the Court of Appeals. They dismiss all charges, but one and we had to go argue the case in front of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, and by that point, the sitting judge was on that same court. He recused himself good and, and they finally dismissed the charges. But, you know, you got to take that seriously. Because, you know, Rick always made this joke about, you know, Travis County and Austin was the blueberry in a in a red super sam i forget his his analogy but you know, Austin’s very liberal, and it’s very political. And you know, that could have went very badly for him and i think i think us getting out in front of it helps him speaking about it. You know, obviously we vetted everything he was going to say, but, but it was really a legal issue. I mean, he it was purely a legal issue. How can you ever indict somebody for doing their official job? That’s right. But it was an ordeal for him. And you know, luckily, I think because of our work, you know, when people talk about rick perry that’s not something they really talk too much about. Because I think we did a very good job of demonstrating early in the case that it was complete malarkey Yeah. And out to be taken seriously.

Well, well the one thing that you did that I think everyone remembers is that day he went to get his mug shot. And you see that pristine dimple and that is

a fine like a man I gotta say he’s finally Yeah, now we walked we walked down from the mansion. I mean, I made sure you know we obviously every detail

and the process falling

around all day that

day all of us are all there we went we went in there and made sure that he smiled in his in his most good looking smile. And, you know, most mug shots are like, you know, like he just walked out of GQ magazine. He then he came out of the court court house and we had arranged for a large rally so there were like two or 300 people there with science and we support you and yeah, he gave a speech and that was and we went we got ice we

got ice cream that would that was the famous part and that

was his that was that was his little nugget he threw in so what are we gonna do now? We want to have a drink the sky says Now let’s go have some ice cream.

That’s right That’s right when you three guys were walking effort. The other training was with you but you were walking out with ice cream Botsford? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, we

we think we handled that pretty well.

Yeah, yeah. Well, that that’s that’s part of that Texas swag. Right. I mean, like, I don’t I don’t give a rip. You’re indicted. Me and I am to pick a mug shot. I might spend life in prison. It’s good. some ice cream school? Get

some ice cream? Yeah,

yeah. Yeah.

The judge the judge, you know, he was more he was more hesitant about that he wanted to issue a gag order. And I was like, No, sir. Yeah, don’t want that. We’re gonna we need to be able to speak our piece. And you know, we’re going to follow the rules. There are rules that govern lawyers, what they can say. They don’t govern clients, clients, say whatever they want. But I was very careful about keeping it, you know, keep it in Slack, always keeping it within the lines of the ethical rules. And it worked out for us. And I mean, he should have never had to go through all that. It was very taxing on his family. He never let it show. But it was I know it was hard on his family.

So for the people that are outside of Texas, you have 90 not 95% name recognition in Texas, I’m sure maybe 99%. But people outside of Texas, who’s Tony Busby.

Just a farm guy, just a guy that grew up on a little farm about an acre size, raising hogs and chickens and ducks and guineas and peacocks and one cow, two Shetland ponies. My dad cut mate for living. My mother drove our school bus. And, you know, my, my future was either International Paper or Red River Army Depot. Those were the two jobs those are like the plan. If you could get one of those jobs, you were you were in the money. And just by a twist of fate was able to go to Texas a&m. None of my parents and family have ever been to college. And the rest is kind of just kind of took me on a completely different path than than I had anticipated. Sure, sure.

So you invited us to to film here you’re you’re illustrative. For me, yeah, this is magnificent. This is magnificent. So for those that are not in Houston, or commercial real estate, we are in the tallest building in downtown Houston, the top floor magnificent view that you see behind us. How do you get any better than this? I mean, this is

this is phenomenal. This is hard to beat the office when people you know when people come in to meet with me, they these are the things that they expect. You know, they’re not coming. They’re coming to see me for reason. You know, we want to have a nice workspace. You mean people here work incredibly hard. So they want to have, you know, a nice space to work in and climb. Want to see that when they come in?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. So I think we’re going to rename the show instead of interviews or conversations at the mansion. We’re going to do conversations at Tony Busby’s office.

So this is probably the fourth time I’ve been here in eight months.

Really? Yeah.

Really, since the pandemic, we’ve all pretty much worked from home or from remote locations. So I come in, you know, once every couple of months, hopefully that will pick back up but people are still very wary about coming in. A lot of the staff are still schooling their children at home. A lot of them, you know, if their kids are not going to school, they don’t have any way to take care of their childcare. And as long as the firm is parent long, you know, I’m not really concerned with FaceTime at the office. I’m more concerned with work product. Sure. Sure. Sure.

So so when I was thinking about who’s Tony Busby. I googled it, who’s who’s Tony Busby. Oh my goodness, this is so this. This is what I this is what I realized. Tony Busby is a multi dimensional leader exerting influence across business, politics, food, fashion, fashion system

and foil now.

Yes, yes, yes. Wow. Everyone knows Tony Busby for fashion, okay. In fact, I was I was over at my favorite clothing store in town, Sid mashburn, which is the only municipality sword River Oaks and the other day and I said, I said, I’m going to be with Tony Busby, like, what do I need to wear? They said, Well, don’t wear anything flashy. The only thing you got to do is you have to wear pockets.

Yeah, I know. I know. Some of those people there. Yeah. Well, I’m glad to hear that. I mean, yeah, good. And it made it there beats my rustler jeans and plastic shoes. I

have grown. That’s right. That’s right. And so you’re one of the most iconic Texans, just because you’ve executed multi dimensionally. I think this past week, you were on the front page of every single day. New York Times pegged you as quote, big mean ambitious, tenacious, fire breathing, Texas trial lawyer, really big period, poster boy, big period.

I wonder if they were talking about my weight? I read I mean, I guess that sounds good in some respects, but I’m looking like, well, maybe I need to get you know, I need to, like, you know, push back from the table. Because use big three times. Yeah, yeah. But well, I mean, that’s flattering. I guess I what I like better is, is when I hand somebody a large check, and it changes their life dramatically. Yes. I like when people who have never met us, my name is a threat. I enjoy that. Or I’m gonna go get Tony Busby. And I like that, just having that. That kind of, you know, usually when I walk into the court course, every judge, I’m gonna know, and but most of the jurors, there’s gonna be jurors that either know me or know of me. And they’re going to have, you know, they’re going to have read things like that, and have their own point of view. And they’re going to, you know, have their own perceptions of me. But I think once we spend some time together, they kind of see that you know, that these are just things that people right, trying to grab clicks and headlines, and there’s a lot more to it than than just those types of things.

Yes. Yeah, certainly, certainly, I think we definitely want to get into your compassion, philanthropy and, and all the things you’ve done to help citizens all over the country, especially here in Houston. So speak speaking of Houston, the campaign, the campaign, which is the epic campaign, so I think

Don Quixote of the of Houston politics, so

we have something in common. I lost the most expensive congressional campaign in US history. You lost the most expensive campaign, probably any mayoral campaign in US history, I would imagine. Yeah. I

don’t know if I want to be known for that. It was what it was, you know, once you get into it, you’re fighting. You don’t want to stop. That’s right. And you can you get you’re surrounded with so called professionals who think they know what they’re doing. And yeah, yeah. And they never seen a problem that money couldn’t solve. That’s right. That’s right. That’s right. And I think I think these campaigns proved that it ain’t always about money.

That’s right. That’s right. So so getting into the, the race, just the general election you had, I was eight or nine candidates. And there was a full full, there was a lot a lot of people running. So what was the thinking? What was kind of the decision process that Yeah, I want to I want to jump into this thing. Was there any pre polling? Was there any talking to friends anything like that? there?

There was some pre polling, you know, I’ve noticed that we we check name ID as you were referencing, you know, I had good name ID. I guess the Miss judgment was, we did not know how bad Trump would pole near the end of the election. Yeah. You know, once once I got connected to Trump, rightly or wrongly, the election was over and there was nothing we could do to come out of that because Turner had his a lot of weaknesses. Yeah. He had a record to run on. And what’s my view wasn’t a very good record. And a lot of things that happened that that you know, lashed squarely at Turner’s feet, but the Trump the Trump I couldn’t get out from beneath it, there was nothing I could do. I wasn’t going to come out and, and, you know, in rage Trump supporters. Yeah. And at the same time, there’s nothing I could do for people that hated Trump to get their vote. So I was just stuck. So whatever. You know, I probably I don’t know how Trump did in the city of Houston versus how I did, but, but my guess would be it’s close to the same.

Yes. Yeah. I think we’d run some polling the year before that. And 36% of conservatives identify themselves not as a libertarian or ultra conservative, they don’t identify themselves as a Trump conservative. Yeah. Bigger than any other any other group. Yeah. And

you know, Turner, Turner spent some money, of course, probably spent a lot more than he wanted to spend. But once he started running the Trump, I mean, you couldn’t look at the TV without seeing a Trump ad that had me and Trump together.

Yeah, it was at the

bottom of your staircase of your home wasn’t Yeah, the same place that I did a fundraiser for Sylvester Turner. I mean, what was ironic about it was that, on that very same stairwell, I stood with Sylvester Turner, when I did him a fundraiser in my house. And just like, I stood with, you know, one of the county commissioners the same place when he ran for mayor, there have been a lot of people that have stood right there on those same two steps. Yes. It’s just that, you know, I would, you know, you’re sometimes you’re just a victim of how things are at that time. And, you know, power timing, and politics is everything. I mean, look at you, you, you would have been the Congressman, but this guy pops up, that you’re gonna interview in a couple of weeks or next week, whenever it is Dan Crenshaw, who had his own, you know, following and, you know, you got swept up by that. Any other race you don’t want? And so I feel like that, that had there had been no Trump in the picture I would have, it would have been very, very competitive and very, very close. Certainly, certainly.

Do you think when you went into the race, I really you identify four candidates, probably just you and the mayor. I mean, did did you just essentially just dismiss the the rest of the candidates right off the bat? Or were you? Yeah, I

just knew that fundwise I couldn’t compete with me. Yeah. And, of course, I had a, one of the problems I had, obviously, as you know, you had this persistent bill King out there. Yeah. You know, he has been running for office since he, you know, he’s been running for office, it seems like every cycle for something. But you know, he had some name ID not not as much as you might think. But he, he had a, a following of people, through his writings and so forth. And, and so I had to fight, you know, fight him off from from the right, which bill King is no, he’s never fancied himself with some right wing conservative. And then I had Sylvester Turner on the left. So here, I was trying to trying to be right down the middle. And, you know, basically, when you’re, when you’re like that, you’re gonna, you’re gonna make both sides. They’re mad at you. That’s just how it is. People are so polarized. And I’m not. I’m not, you know, crying about how polarized people are today. People have been polarized since Abraham Lincoln. I mean, we know that. So. But it was a tough race. And again, if there hadn’t been the Trump element, it would have been a lot closer.

And you had conservatives in that race, that that once they lost the general, they should have come out and endorsed you to help you. And they didn’t. They didn’t they were just sort of losers. That and I think that they were worried about the Trump moniker. Yeah. I

mean, there’s, there’s, you know, there’s a there’s a segment of Ripa and I’m not a Republican. I mean, I was labeled a Republican, but I’m not really a Republican, but there was a, a segment of Republican voters just like there is now who wanted to avoid Trump At All Costs. Sure. And so those kinds of people, the bill King, kind of Republicans, just, you know, they just stayed home. They didn’t have any interest in trying to help me out. Yeah. Intellectual letus. Yeah, like to call Yeah, well, that’s what they were. I still think, you know, we’ve always said that there’s there should be another party in this country, because it seems like that there’s elements of both parties that you know, you just simply just don’t care for. That’s right. And so then just kind of kind of hold your nose and pick one that is closest to us. Right?

You got you got the leftists that are using victimization, they’re not real victims, they just they just imply that they’re victims. A us victim has been victim as a tool. The right embraces the the ideology that we should be victors in life, we overcome our hurdles. We don’t, we don’t ask for special treatment. And that’s the that’s the tough thing. I guess being an independent is Which side do you It’s a hard road to hoe.

And you know, it takes when you when you inject Trump into it, it makes it even harder. I thought I could I thought I could ride that line. I thought, you know, that politics used in politics is supposed to be nonpartisan. I took that to heart. But of course, it wasn’t that you had every major so called National Democratic leader in the country, you know, endorsing Sylvester Turner coming down here and speaking on his behalf, that sort of thing. And so you had the police union, you know, went went his way. Not that. I don’t know how much sway they really have anymore. I was very flattered to have the fire depart I’m at work and very cute, very working very and so I’m, even today when I’m out and about and I see somebody an EMT or firefighter, I know every one of them. Yeah. And they wave and Hawk, which is really gratifying. So they were. They were huge, hugely supportive diehard fans and probably will always be hopefully,

definitely, definitely. Yeah, I ran into one of them. That was block walking for you campaign for you over at the match. We did a political fit over there a few weeks ago, two weeks ago, and he was still talking about you was Tony to run for next. So I’ll see him a couple weeks and ask him about that. So any any any plans in the mix right now?

No, nothing? Yeah, don’t have anything up my sleeve. I’m just gonna just do my job.

Yeah. So so if I had the opportunity to kind of caption one of your social media posts, my favorite social media posts that I saw in all of 2019 was your Instagram post the day after the runoff election. You’re on your jet. Wearing your loafers? Your I think they were blue or pastel slacks, and your your head now? Your head now? He said, You said Houston. We’ll be we’ll be back. We’ll be back. Yeah,

yeah. Yeah, of course. We get criticized for that, too. Yes. Because I quote, didn’t concede even though I lost but you know, I’ve only got 44. I mean, I think the writing’s on the wall. I don’t think I need to quote concede, yes. It’s not like it’s going to the Supreme Court for a Bush v. Gore. I mean, that’s right. Like the elections pretty much over I think I’m leaving. Yeah, yeah, go get a little break.

But if I if I caption that picture, I would say that’s that that’s definitely when some people when they lose, they really win. Yeah. I mean, your lifestyle would have been much worse than it is now. You think it will be horrible. You don’t want that job?

Oh, you’re talking might have had I want that you want? You know,

he may have really?

Yeah, well, well, you know, I thought I really, I mean, believe it or not, I’m pretty idealistic. And I really thought that I could I could do some real good. You know, I was certainly I was gonna do some things that that people would have squawked about, you know, the municipal union is something that needs we need to get under control. But we know, we know that the we know that the pension issue is still a huge issue with the long term longevity of the city of Houston. We know that we are not performing the city services as professionalisation could be performed specifically road maintenance and stuff. We know that that building bigger highways so people can can live farther and farther outside the city is not going to grow the city of Houston we need to make inside the city of Houston safe, where people feel like they can have their families here. That’s not just, you know, what I call yuppies without children living here in high rises. So there’s a lot of things like that, that that that a mayor with help from the private sector could do for the city of Houston. Had he or she a mind to do it? We just don’t have anybody with a mind to do that. Sure. And I suspect

right now in our current environment, probably the county specifically. I mean, I was thinking about Kim Ogg, but I’ll say some about Kim Auggie. just totally disrespect for the people of Houston, the types of bills and bonds that have been been in place for some of these violent criminals. And it seems like it seems like there’s there’s multiple parties response for you, the legislature who’s maybe not acting on certain things at the counties or doing other parts of states. You also the federal government is not is not defended the border? Yeah. Yeah. I

mean, there’s there’s failure. I mean, look, just look what happened, the power grid, there’s failure on every level, private public, all the way up to the governor. I mean, let’s be honest about it. I didn’t say failure in the press. You know, the press press knew that we had issues previously with our power grid, and you never saw a story on it. Yeah. So and the same is true with a lot of our local problems with crime and the city of Houston, etc. You know, we got the the rank and file police officers are completely frustrated. They, I mean, what’s the point of arresting somebody, they’re being released immediately? And even violent criminals? And you know, how many stories have we seen where somebody who was arrested, bonded out immediately with hardly no bond and committed a major crime? This happens all the time in the city of Houston. And all you see, I mean, even with regard to this deshaun Watson issue, which is only thing I’ll say about it is, you know, I, I know a lot of the people in the police department, I know a particular detective in the police department, I had been talking to him about how do I go about bringing these women forward in a respectful, private way so they can tell their stories to somebody in the sex crimes division. And we exchanged some text on that. Well, you know, I told in a press conference, I said, I’m in formally speaking, and the first thing that the police department did, I mean, how would they Why would they ever issue a statement on a case and they wanted to make it clear by Twitter that I had had no contact with Houston Police depart which I have the text? Yes. You posted the text. I posted one of the texts and the detective said, Man, you’re going to get me in trouble. And I said they don’t know who you are, man. I mean, plus, I’ve talked to many people. So don’t you know my brother in law’s a Houston Police Officer. So So, you know, it’s that kind of mentality at every level of government, with the exception. You know, I think the union leadership for the for the fire department is doing a good job. But I think the Houston Police Department hoping to see improvement with the new police chief, I’m told, you know that, you know, he’s from the ranks. He’s a good guy, but he’s still Sylvester Turner’s appointee. So we’ll see. But I do believe that that somebody who is willing to go out and engage the private sector, and there’s a lot of people like that, who would help if I asked if somebody had a plan. That’s right. And the problem is, you don’t really see any sort of five year 10 year plan for the city of Houston. If there if there is such a thing, you’d certainly never hear about it. I would, I would venture to guess. I mean, when’s the last time you saw a 10 year plan? 20 year plan for the city of Houston? I mean, it’s something that most every organization does, I certainly do it here. At my law firm. I know we did it. at every level at all. When we were in the Board of Regents, you know, every university, individual University has a 510 year plan. And the university system had a 510 year plan. And we worked very hard to make it, you know, specific, no platitudes, but very specific. Here’s what we want to be able to do. Here’s we won’t want to lead in that sort of thing. Here’s what’s most important to us. I don’t see that with the city of Houston. I mean, there might be something on their outdated website. I remember looking at their website hadn’t been updated since 2017. Wow. So you know, that’s just a lack of somebody, you know, remember Stephen Covey talked about the four quadrants of how you spend your time. And one is important, but not urgent. And one is important, urgent one is urgent, unimportant and non urgent, not important. You should spend most of your time in the non urgent but very important, yes, that’s things like taking care of your mental health, taking care of your physical health planning for the future, talking to you, you know, whether it be at the family level, or whether it be at the city level, where, you know, what are the things important to us? Where do we want to be going? Because you don’t have a plan? You know, you who knows where you’re going to go?

That’s right.

And, you know, I think Mayor Turner be do himself. Well, I know it’s an old book, it might be out of style. Now it may be maybe it’s not in vogue anymore, but but I would recommend it as reading I make all my lawyers read it. And we talk about it quite often. It’s like you know, yours, you can break it from from a micro scale. You can look at it as a lawyer handling cases, what are the things you should be focused on, you should be focused on long term, non urgent, but incredibly important things because that’s how you advance your career. That’s how you advance the case. That’s how you advance yourself professionally, physically, emotionally, whatever. And what I see at the city of Houston is spending a lot of time in urgent not important things, and dealing with urgent important things IE, no power in the city. Yes, no water in this city, dealing with them in a reactive manner, instead of being proactive about

in the night, the night of the big freeze, I think you’re out of your house, remodeling your home, you were staying downstairs. That’s how I think at the Four Seasons that time you decided to do something really unusual what

Yeah, yeah. You get criticized about everything you do, but you do. I we were having dinner and I said, Man, can you imagine you when people are people are without power, eventually will be about water. And the point was, is that, you know, your home is a place you know, not only have shelter, but it’s where you have water, it’s where you have powers where you have the ability to communicate with others work. Let’s be honest, nowadays, we are absolutely tied to our ability to communicate via the internet and etc. And I said, you know, when you don’t have any of those things, it’s almost like being homeless. And when you’re living in a in a double wide that has no no real insulation, once you lose power, and you have no no heat. That place gets called Quick. I know that because I’ve stayed in I was before growing up. And so I wonder what it’s like for people out on the street tonight. And I said, You know what, I’m gonna I’m gonna spend a night on the street and course you know, my fiance and my, my daughter like dad don’t do that. It’s dangerous out there. I said I can do it. Now. That became a point of personal challenge. Yeah, as I said, you can’t do the ones

that say you were a marine. Yeah, I am.

So I did that. And and, you know, it was it was I could only imagine doing that every single day because you never feel that you don’t feel safe. You know, there’s really nowhere you can go without somebody you know, looking messing with you and you just kind of keep moving. And so I did that people said it was a publicity stunt. It really was. And it was just it was really more for me.

Yes. Yes. Yes. So, talk about the the kind of backwards thinking that we have here towards growth, you look at the eye, the eye 10 i 45, kind of the inner loop, rework the $2 billion project that textile is trying to get get underway. So last week so that I think the county sued tech stock to prevent or progress on the on the I 45 chord or to get that grown out. I mean, that that proves your point they there’s certain things they don’t want, or maybe they’re looking for more critical race theory based.

A lot bets for I think Turner Turner waited. You know, originally Turner was for the 45 expansion. I think he waited and tested the the political winds to see what the what he would consider his voters would look at this. And a lot of people are going to be displaced. There’s, you know, one of the concerns, of course, is, is pollution, that sort of thing. And so now, you know, I guess the politically, depending on what party you’re with, you know, you can you need to be against that. But I go back to this, because I’m, I wish we would spend more time making city, the city of Houston livable, instead of making roads wider so we can get farther away. I mean, that’s, that’s why I look at it. Now, that might not be a popular opinion amongst in some circles, but but I really, you know, and the truth is, you’re not really gaining a whole lot. We’ve seen that in other projects, where you’ve widen the roads, or added more lanes, and you really haven’t you what you, you really haven’t relieved any congestion. You know, one thing that we could easily do that would make things a lot easier and getting around this town is synchronize the lights, I mean, you know, remember, Bill White, that was his thing, that’s right, synchronize the lights, I challenge anybody to drive around here, tell me if those lights are synchronized, they’re not. And and I’m not just talking about downtown Houston, I’m talking about Richmond, West Alabama, you know, all those, all those arteries, West time are going to go in that direction. So you know, I just the lack of the lack of planning is, and forward thinking is, is, again, they’re just dealing with things that are unimportant and urgent. And there’s a lot of things to be done to make this city, you know, he could come out, or any leader can come out and say, I’m making a commitment to you. I’m going to I want to encourage you to come back. I want to encourage you not to again, I’m not criticizing young professionals. I mean, they’re they’re obviously, I was a young professional wants, but I’m trying to encourage families. I mean, because the first thing that I mean, I there’s a bunch of network here that are that are in their child, child years, having children, the very that what is what is what are people the very first consideration where they’re going to live when they have a kid? What school is the child? Because, right? That’s the very first thing. You know, I went through all that, you know, the reason I lived in friendswood, outside of the city limits of Houston was, you know, own municipality. friendswood has one of the one of the best school systems in the state. There’s a reason people are in Katy, the reason people are in other outlying areas across the city of Houston, and to really make this city vibrant and grow, laying aside, you know, the oil and gas industry and some of the other industries that that we need to support here and and encourage growth here. We got to do something with the school systems, we got to make the the school districts where people want to live, not school systems that are schools, that people are just there by default, because I have no other option.

That’s right. That’s right. I think that I read a study a couple weeks ago that said that kids that tend to drop out of school are nine times more likely to end up in jail, and always tend to drop out between their freshmen in the summer their sophomore year, because they’re just not interested or they feel the teachers aren’t interested in. Yeah, that’s

a big problem here in Houston, a big problem. And that’s and that’s, you know, I used to say it all the time, you know, that people say, well, the mayor or the or the county judge can’t do anything about the school system. I reject that completely. You absolutely. Can you have a bully pulpit, you can talk about every time you talk. You can you can, you know, there’s a lot of things private industry can do that the mayor has the ability to twist arms to make happen. But you don’t see a lot of that what you see instead is well, they’re a separate entity with a separate governing body and we really can’t have any control over them. Yeah, I reject that.

Well, I spoke to a member of the Texas Legislature a couple weeks ago, he thinks that they’re gonna be able to take control of the of the Houston ISD pour into this session. So we’ll see, we’ll see if that happens. If someone needs to do something, right, we

agree. But you know, I could go back to local control and I really believe in you know, you, the people that govern the best of the people that are closest to the people they you know, that they govern. That’s right. And, you know, it’s, it’s objectionable to me just philosophically to have somebody from Austin, or, you know, Austin run in our local school system. Now. Maybe that’s what’s Gonna be required because of the current situation, but I, I don’t like

what what if they said we’re going to kind of for 12 months, we’re going to reset the board put some put some governance structure in place, and

well, that’s probably what they’re gonna say I’m assuming Yeah.

And then like the mascot turned to two years, three years to two weeks to stop the spread. So you’ve accrued a lot of influence over the past several years. I mean, you’re already very, very influenced before you even ran for office. Well,

I’m okay. I’m glad you’re okay. I have influence. Yeah,

but it’s not it’s not money influenced you were in that

pocket square. All right.

I can’t get it as high as you do that. Well,

that’s the prop comes from a law years of practice.

So So you’ve got this trade off between money and influence? I mean, you have the you know, your your economy. And you went out there and spent the night on the streets with those guys. All the firefighters know who you are. You know who they are, you’ve been to a lot of their homes, you’ve been to a lot of their funerals and their weddings and so forth. You’re a man of influence, separate from the money separate from the business success? What sort of responsibility thinking about your business? What’s your responsibility? Do you feel that’s incumbent upon you to exercise that, that influence in a way that’s, that’s dignify and that also helps helps others because, because you were growing up, you’re grown up in the church, you always heard Love your neighbor as yourself. And it seems like you’re one of the few people that actually doing well, I just want to make sure I set a good example. The the,

your kids learn more about who you are and what you’re about, and how you conduct yourself then versus what you say. I mean, that’s just how it is. And my, you know, I’ve always I’ve always judged my conduct, not not, you know, what my mother might read in the newspaper, but what my kids may say amongst themselves, or think about me, that’s really keeps you kind of kind of keeps you in line. And, you know, my kids are very politically engaged. They’re on all ends of the spectrum. I’ve got, you know, one of my daughters is incredibly liberal and lives in New York City. And one of my daughters is a freshman at Texas a&m. So they’re there. They’re all over the board as far as as far as their political bent, but one of the things that I’m most proud of, is being able to ingrain in them through example kindness, and it’s one of those one of those traits that are isn’t mentioned that much. You know, aggressiveness, tenacity, you know, unwilling to quit ambitious, those are all great things, but having a sliver of kindness in there is is quite helpful. And, and they all have that from my youngest son to my oldest daughter. And I’m very proud of that. And I think the reason they have it is because we you know, I’ve tried to lead by example, you know, I when I gave away 13 cars once I gave those away because my son was he was having conversations with his buddies they were like, what cars are dad gonna drive? And I said sign cars don’t cars don’t mean anything. I mean, they’re nice to have and then I love cars. Why no, we’ll talk about them but but what you what you do, when you have some success, what you’re able to do with it is much more important. So he was you know, he was like, I mean, the kid was 13 or something and he was thinking about you know, which car was Anthony

Jr, wasn’t it? Yeah, which

car he was going to inherit and all this kind of stuff. You’re not guess what you’re not here at any cars, because we’re gonna auction off these cars and give the money to charity. Yeah, you know, he was shocked and just things like that. And

he wanted he wanted the green Lambo memory Serves him right. He

wanted that car. Yeah, very badly. I’m sure he could picture himself on his first day. But it all start that kind of conduct and started my dad was is, you know, very big man. Very gruff, works with his hands. always worked with his hands, very well known as small community. One of those kind of guys that that you know, he would fight you for any reason, and he would make up the reason we used to laugh you’d hit fat at the drop of a hat he dropped the hat himself. And so he was well known not Do not mess with Glenn Busby. That’s not a guy you want to cross, whether it was in a bar room, or whether it was just like, you know, four wheeling in the countryside. I’ve seen it all. I mean, I’ve been in the bar rooms with him. I saw him wrestle a bear. I saw him you know, somebody knocked his knocked my brother’s snow cone out of his hand and my dad, you know, made him get out of the car and walked him over and made him buy him another one. I’m not somebody you want to mess with right now. But he was even with all that bluster and you know, worked on standing on his feet for 43 Here’s cutting meat to put food on our table he was incredibly kind and so Thanksgiving and Christmas time he would he would put packages together of Turkey and fresh fruits and so forth and we would go out to some of the most remote areas in northeast Texas people with no running water no electricity in their house and we deliver these care packing knew these people and he would make me and you know, old lady dip and snuff is running down her sitting in her chair you know with a shawl over her hug her neck son hug her neck and it made a big impression Oh yeah, like this guy you know his you know he was larger than life you know, I could never imagine you know having to fight him or anything and then you also see him setting example that you know, there are people out there that need help and we have the ability to help them so we’re gonna we’re gonna do it he would you know, he would we would hot course every year Hot Fish anytime we had extra vegetables from our garden, he would always we’d go around and give them to people that he knew could use them and would make use of them. And so that kind of that that when I started having kids that’s the same maybe on a different degree or different scale but the same kind of trait that I was hoping to ingrain into my into my kids and and I’m happy to say my oldest my my youngest is 17 I was successful in that regard. And so I that’s something I’m very very proud about. Yes, yes. Okay, is this something that wasn’t on the car?

No, no, this is that we’ve got to talk about something serious now. Okay, this is this is real deal serious. I know. I know we were talking about fluffy subjects like ice cream a second ago. Yeah. sushi

sushi sushi in the city of Houston sushi. Okay, I’ll give you the top or top two for sure. Are mf sushis number one. Blue cheese number two What’s this k sushi I’d never go there never know they’re never go there.

I think the third place Who would I go? Where would I go the third place? I’m always going to get mF if I can get an mF sushi. Yeah, I

think they’re doing the best job in this town. ouchies probably, you know it’s done a better job of promoting itself. You know when you think of sushi you think of Gucci but mF is better. What’s the place that Tillman owns a piece of

that Roco core. Now Roco

core is good, but a little different, but good. I would put them top top five. There’s one that who is Robert De Niro has a piece of this one. Oh, Nobu, Nobu. Yeah, I would go to Nobu. But my choice would be mF sushi.

So So Nobu started his own chain of restaurants outside of the euro partnership, called Matsui shoe. I think Marissa he was like 10 or 15 of them. Okay, well, there’s one in Aspen, we were in Aspen last year and pop it in the frontier very difficult to get in. Yeah. And there’s Nobu right there. He comes over to the table and he spends 15 minutes with the Stockwell kids and yeah, bring brought a book signed, signed the books and everything talked about sushis I worry from Houston. I said we have he said we have a location there. I say yeah, we need a couple more. He said you know what, we’re looking at two more locations there. Really? That’s what he said

that was a year ago. So it’s not I mean, you I can always get into the places I’m lucky that way but but it’s usually packed even with a un pandemic. Okay,

so so I agree with you that that ucci is a top two I think it’s probably I think it’s probably a little bit better than mF sushi my opinion here here’s the only reason why I went to I was at mF sushi last last week for a little bit of due diligence, our conversation. I’d never been before Okay, and and so get through the mill mill mill mill was great.

Are you writing that mail office research?

Oh, no. I’m invoicing you for now and it’s our country desert and our word of coffee. I’m a Texan boy so Japanese you either have to Saki with your with your with your sushi and then you finish off with maybe a coffee as a Texan boy, sir, we don’t have coffee. It’s fine. What do you prefer? Bring me the dessert runny. Oh, we only have mochi.


That’s great. Bring the mochi. So they bring the mochi and they take my my chopsticks and so I wait around for the waiter come by and I said Sir, I need some I need some chopsticks to eat my mochi mochi is finger food. I said well, it’s not fear food anywhere else that I go as I’d like to have some chopsticks I’m a savage. That and that’s the only that’s the only complaint I have about that

what they want. What flavor of Did you get Strawberry Strawberry is the best one. I mean, they have four flavors, but the strawberry is probably the best way to go.

mochi I don’t

even eat that I don’t eat the the outside cover. I just do like this and

all that that there’s It’s so good. It’s so good.

Yeah, it’s good.

So that’s my that’s my okay. I think I think Roku Of course probably top five like like you said but you know, Nobu in the Uptown sushi to

up to Oh app sounds good. Yeah,

sounds good and it’s been solid for 20 years a long time. Yeah, yeah, steak steak places as a butcher son,

huh steak places. I don’t want to give credit where credit’s not do but I do like I do like going to two masters and Vic and Anthony’s I like Tillman does take place as well. He does. He does. You know, Vic and Anthony’s was a place I would go twice a week when I was when I was eating out a lot. By myself sometimes I would just walk from here to Vic and Anthony’s. I like the bar scene I like I just like the food they cook a really good steak. Mashed rose does as well. I like I like B and B just because I like the atmosphere and I like Bamberg poppers, I’m not big fan of really I used to be but the last couple of times I’ve been there it’s been not a good experience. The steak was not good. In fact, I sent it back and and paid you know, they said well, we’re going to you know, comp s I don’t really want the competence. Just tell them that’s not a good steak. Not good about that steak. Yeah, but it’s all about choosing the steak.

That’s right. What’s your choice? t bone.


I’m always a T bone. Yeah, I’m t bone.

You ever grab a tomahawk when you get someone else with you know,

that’s a little too much for me. Yeah, you know is really the what I think right now is the coolest restaurant in town. Turner’s

that is they just sort of open for lunch too.

That’s a cool place. Yeah, like if you want to go someplace that that you feel like you’re in New York. The food is you know it’s basically American stuff but he’s he specifically designed it looks kinda like the Polo lounge.

Yes in New York.

That’s an it’s a nice place and I think he’s he’s in the process of opening more. And you know, I don’t want to leave that ronnie kill and Ronnie killings. His food is different than everybody else’s. He’s He’s I think that guy’s a genius. To be honest. His and I know we’re getting off topic of steaks, but he does steaks but I don’t. I’m not huge fan of the steaks, but his his chicken fried steak and his ribs and his brisket. I mean, shoot, man. That’s what he’s doing the food for my wedding.

Oh, really? Yeah, right.

Yeah. Right. That’d be great. be great. So but we got a lot of options here. I mean, I’m sure there’s tons that I haven’t even explored You know, there’s places in the heights that I need to go visit. I’ve get a lot of people contact me and say you can come visit you know, we got a great you know, on Bel Air all the various Asian restaurants, crawfish and noodles. I mean, there’s a bunch of them over there that are just really good. We’re blessed. I

mean, we got a lot of good food. Yeah, and some of the weird things like like Turner’s I walked into turns for business lunch a couple weeks ago. And order the salad the soup trying to be responsible. It’s no you supposed to get the hot dog. Like it’s like a wagyu hotdog. Yeah, burger. Yeah, I got the burger. The next time I came. It’s phenomenal. Yeah.

And then he’s, he’s, he’s got it figured out there. We were lucky. We got you know, 510 people in this town who have had it figured out and pretty much everything they open is successful.

Vegas versus Manhattan food scenes.

I hate Vegas, so I like New York. I mean, it’s my place. Okay, yeah, okay, I can’t stand Vegas’s it’s just such a shallow place from I’m sure there’s the food is great. And you know, that’s you know, I don’t gamble so okay. My whole life’s a gamble so don’t try to make you know I don’t want to want to any more games of chance. Yeah, every lawsuit I file is a you know, at some some degree is a game of chance. That’s right.

That’s right. fashion. you’re you’re you’re known for the quinet the quintessential Busby look is typically some skinny jeans. And I don’t mean that as an insult. I mean, I mean that there will tailor jeans either some loafers or some sneakers Yeah. A tea I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in a graphic t but then but then the the great blazer with a massive pocket square there. Yeah. What do you What’s your kind of vision on on style? I mean, are you are you are you hand crafting everything yourself. You’re going to store and having

them putting onto that’s all me okay. It’s whatever I feel like And on that day I like I buy a lot of shoes. I’m real shoe. Shoe weirdo. I love shoes. People send me shoes.

Really? Yeah. What what size are you sir? windows 12.

So people send me shoes and you know, they’ll want me to you know, they don’t ask me to but you know, somebody sends me some shoes. I’ll put them on and I’ll do a little video for them and they send me t shirts and you know, I’ve had tailors in town that offered to do me one suit for free because you know Want to try to get your business? But you know in court Briony always says that a brioni Yeah, always always brownie. It’s my favorite and and then just for casual. It depends on what I’m going to be doing that day. But you know, I got a lot of jet like many jackets I’ve never worn I like to use pens on my mood. Yeah. But I like to be comfortable. But you know, there’s a new casual nowadays, you know how it is. And you know, the lawyers here used to want to do casual Friday and it’s like, you went on Friday. We’re not gonna work hard on the cases are not gonna be as professional on Friday. We’re gonna be professional on all days. But yeah, I mean, we I used to get all my clothes from tagi I’ve been using for story. I like to just buy off the rack. Okay, and just whatever catches my eye.

Sure. Sure. On the on the shoe front stressfully this the sneakers? Are you designer sneaker guy or we buy like the the old school Adidas and things like that. Uh, yeah, I

like both. Okay, yeah. I like both. I walk a lot. So I got you know, multiple pairs of Nikes. And yeah, but I like top Tom for it’s my favorite. If it’s off the rack. Tom Ford’s I mean, he’s the liners are just insane. Yeah, like Tom Ford. I like his shoes. I like his sunglasses. I like his jackets. I like his look. The the like, if there was a look, that I think is is really a cool look. Have you ever watched that show? Billions?

The Mac heard about it? Yeah.

It’s a very good show. I’m also a show for a Ghana and a poetry freak and a literature freak. I just can’t help myself. But I’m interested in a lot of things. But the guy the main character on there, the way he dresses is kind of is kind of, I would say closely fits my, my taste. Okay.

Okay, I’ll look at that. So the key for everyone, when you learn white sneakers, especially like the deed is the field school DT speakers with it with the stripes on them more than or the Nike with a swoosh on it? Or even some of these Pumas is if they’re if they’re, they’re primarily white sneakers, you were five times you never wear more than 10 times you throw away. I mean, there’s a reason why they’re like 30 4050 bucks. Right? You gotta keep them pristine.

Yeah, you got to look good.

Yeah, yeah. Well, so I want to, I want to close by by talking a little bit more of a serious subject. So you know, as the as the data three daughters. I just say, I, my wife and I were talking about this the other day, my wife who you know, of course, about how great it is it to have a figure like Tony Busby just a dangerous figure out there, who fights for justice. And as the data three girls, I can just tell you that that I’m appreciative and my wife’s appreciative for the defensive victims that that you’ve espoused over the past really 20 years, specifically with, you know, the more recent cases where you’ve got this, this kind of tear a predator out there who’s just taking advantage of these poor women and using threats of his power against them. And I think that I think a lot of that is is having someone like you on the scene that thurs there’s a cautionary tale there for them that maybe they can go a little far. But sooner or later they’re going to meet their match. And, and and hope you’re right about the general a general rule is you don’t mess around with a man that’s got a great white shark on his jet.

You just don’t eat us don’t do that. Hope you’re right about that do that. And if you only knew all of the cases that were quietly settled, and resolved, with apologies, financial payment, and agreement to counseling, or that sort of thing that you’ve never heard of, in this town and in across the United States that I get contacted on. A lot of times, you know, it’s it’s the absolute, not what the victim wants is any sort of publicity. I mean, they’ve already went through an incredibly, incredibly traumatic situation. And then to be called, you know, complicit consensual, and all of the things that they get called, just makes it 10 times worse. And so I spend a lot of time and I’ll just give you an example. Stanley Marsh, the creator of the Cadillac ranch in Amarillo, who’s now deceased. You know, I got a call from a lawyer from Amarillo. He said, I have this 16 year old boy. He says that Stanley Marsh has been paying him for sexual conduct to perform for him various things given him by Agra. Help encouraging him to to recruit other young boys. Now, I know who Stanley Marsh was. I’ve been to the Cadillac ranch. I knew that he was one of these guys and Amarillo big guy in a small city. Financially powerful wife was on every board Amarillo, Country Club etc. But I wasn’t a member. I wasn’t from Amarillo. I really didn’t care about Amarillo social society. I said, I’m gonna send a plane to get you and bring him over here and let me hear it from his own mouth. So he came, a lawyer came by with a young man and with his mother and I had the I told them just go wait in there. I will talk to this boy alone. And so he told me his story. And I had him draw for me. It’s Marsh’s office show me exactly where Marsha’s desk was everything I was testing. almost knocked me out of my chair. Some of the things he told me. He had pictures. He told me about all the other boys that were involved how he felt guilty because he had he had told him Marshall gave you 20 bucks or 30 bucks or Marshall gave you some you know, this drug or that drug if you will come up to the 12th floor of chase tower in Amarillo. So I started filing cases, filed one. And next day on file another one. And it was big news in Amarillo. And I knew I was right, though. And I knew despite in the the vitriol from that community against these boys. You know, partly because, you know, they were doing involved in activities that that people thought were homosexual activities. And we’re you know, just all ever you can only imagine the kind of comments they made to the about these boys and about the boys families. Because they were most for the most part, all minors, so I had to file the cases, I had to list the mother or father’s name, and put as next friend of Jane Doe or our john doe, and the vitriol against these families, because you’re attacking, you know, an iconic legend Stanley Marsh, who’s done more for this community than these boys ever done other than you. And so every couple of days, I filed another case every couple of days, I filed another case. I put together a package. affidavits from these young man pictures drawings, took it to the potter County DA, which is Amarillo, and he recused himself. And they brought in the DA from Lubbock, who indicted him for 12 counts of misconduct, sexual abuse of children, etc. And then all of a sudden, all these naysayers who had been saying all these things about these boys, now a sudden, they turned on Stanley Marsh, and Stanley Marsh never didn’t live to be prosecuted, he died probably six months later,

which is just a shame.

Yeah, shame, because my thing was, he should be put under the jail for what he’s done to these boys. So I’ve been through this before. And, and I would like to think that, you know, when people hear about this case, or that case, it there’s there’s method to what I’m doing, and I’m doing it in a methodical reasonable way. And maybe it’s not the way they would do it, but maybe I might know a little bit more than them about how to do things that work. And so I’m proud of that I’m proud of, you know, some of the cases, you know, the list has grown so much that, you know, cases that I’m really proud about. But I’m proud of that one because Stanley Marsh was a predator. And but there there there are predators out there. Like I say, I can never disclose it. But there are people that you know, people in high places that I’ve handled cases where people have alleged certain things against them. And we handled it in a way that was that was satisfactory to the victim. I always try to make include an apology, and then a commitment to work on themselves. So it doesn’t happen again. And the truth is this latest, this latest case would have been resolved in the same way, but there was no willingness to do so on the other side.

So I think just just just as we as we wrap up, Jordan Peterson likes to talk about something you just alluded to is one of the purpose of the justice system is to obtain apology to pain, repentance, or at least have some sort of turnaround of the of the perpetrator. You obviously you wanna have some sort of restitution emotionally or physically from the with the victim. But I think a big part of that is again, as a dad of three girls, you’ve got four kids, you know, if someone it fins, those girls in a certain way, you know, it’s not for me, I don’t want to wait for justice system. I want to have vengeance. I don’t want to go tear someone’s throat out. And Jordan Peterson talks about that, like that’s one of the purposes of the justice system is that relieves the family of the accusers of family the victims are trying to seek out vengeance and revenge on themselves. And it seems like having someone like you, not not even if they’re represented by you, but having someone like you hanging out here overseeing and just it does the Henschel that you could be brought in on some of these cases, that that alone provides that sort of relief for the victims families that there’s the chance that someone like Tony Busby or Tony Busby himself, God forbid, should interject himself in a situation. I hope you’re right and apply ultimate vengeance.

Hope you’re correct. And that I mean, if I if that’s the case, then I’m doing my job. Yes.

Yes. Well, Tony, I appreciate your friendship. appreciate everything. You’ve never this community. Thank you. Community loves Yeah.

Some of it does.

Yes, yes. And we’re waiting to see what’s what’s next from Tony Busby. Thanks, my friend.





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