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CXRE offers a variety of San Antonio commercial real estate services throughout Bexar County, including the greater San Antonio Texas market. From commercial office leasing, to investment sales with our commercial real estate brokers, to commercial property management, our team of experts can assist you in your commercial needs in one of Texas’ most advantageous markets. In fact, San Antonio commercial real estate is one of the best investments one can make.

As one of the more stable and diverse markets in the United States, San Antonio’s economy continues to grow at a healthy rate. Anchored by industries like healthcare, national defense and tourism, San Antonio’s economy is extremely reliable. The market continues to benefit greatly from expanding healthcare systems. In addition, the market benefits from growing financial institutions and technology firms.

Job creation in these industries contributes greatly to the recent boom in the greater CBD and other northern submarkets. Currently, there is over a million SF of office product currently under construction in the market. On top of that, there is more proposed office product in the pipeline. This indicates that San Antonio’s job growth and economic activity will continue to grow past 2018. Currently, companies and developers are focusing more on revitalizing downtown San Antonio. Not only that, but suburban developments continuing to saturate the northern submarkets. Consequently, there is a significant amount of transaction activity, particularly in office and retail space.

Commercial Office Leasing in San Antonio

Because we are experts in the San Antonio region office market, CXRE can help lease your office or medical spaces. Our resources and knowledge of trends in specific submarkets give us an edge. In light of this, we can identify suitable, quality tenants for your assets.

San Antonio is the top thriving metro in Texas. Especially when it comes to the economy and job growth. In 2017, it was the third fastest growing metro in the nation. As a result, the Alamo City is one of the more successful markets in Texas for leasing of office space.

For instance, unlike the Houston office market (which relies on the oil and gas industry), the growing, diverse San Antonio market remains largely unaffected by industry downturn. As a result, the overall vacancy rate for San Antonio has remained steady between 14-15%, for the past five years. This is in spite of the addition of many new office buildings in the market.

In general, tenants in San Antonio seek higher quality office space. As a result, they will pay higher rates. Due to the competitive market and so many quality tenants throughout the region, owners of San Antonio office assets must put their best foot forward. CXRE’s familiarity with the San Antonio office market is your best solution. We can help you snag and keep those quality tenants. Whether you’re in the crowded CBD, North Central or Northwest submarkets or in one of the less crowded outer submarkets, our team of commercial office leasing experts can assist you with your leasing needs.

Commercial Real Estate Brokers in San Antonio

CXRE provides exceptional commercial real estate broker services for investors of all types of properties in the San Antonio region. Whether you want to invest in office, retail, medical, industrial, specialty properties or land, our expert brokers are here to help.

San Antonio is currently one of the more enticing markets for investors in all of Texas. Specifically, it offers favorable returns and stable property operations. These have significantly increased investor interest in the region. In 2017 alone, there was over $750M in total sales volume in San Antonio, the highest in 10 years. In fact, more and more investors who are getting priced out of their current markets are projected to target San Antonio assets this year. Consequently, this will lead to increased competition for properties.

Investors who are interested in office assets are coming across many opportunities in San Antonio. Class B office buildings, in particular, have dominated much of the transaction activity in the market. Especially in the CBD and northern submarkets. Many of these assets are being bought in the $1M-$10M range by local and private investors.

In addition to office buildings, retail and industrial properties are doing well. Sales activity of retail properties remains high in the northern suburbs as well as cities like Boerne, New Braunfels, and Seguin. Meanwhile, sales activity of industrial properties is higher in the South and Northeast submarkets.

No matter what type of property you are searching for, CXRE’s team of commercial real estate brokers will find the best deals for you. From office buildings, to retail developments, to warehouse and distribution space or self-storage units, we have seen it all and can provide targeted, expert advice representing you in your next investment purchase.


Our San Antonio commercial real estate brokers maximize investment returns and core asset value. We do this through deep relationships, remarkable client service, and proactive engagement with real estate owners in Bexar County.


Commercial Property Management in San Antonio

CXRE provides top-tier commercial property management services that will improve the operations and maintenance of your asset while increasing occupant satisfaction. We manage our clients’ properties with the simple overall goal of increasing rent revenues and decreasing building expenses. Not only this, but we also provide exceptional customer service.

Unlike many commercial property management firms, we provide our clients with a major, unique benefit. Our clients have an in-house team of compliance, technical and engineering professionals at their disposal. Janitorial services and facility maintenance services are provided in-house instead of being contracted out. We are also a Texas licensed elevator contractor and can perform elevator maintenance and repairs in-house. Because of these in-house services, we can control the various levels of occupant interaction. As a result, we ensure that quality customer service is being provided.

Overall, owners and asset managers have fewer headaches to deal with. Additionally, they can trust us to keep their building operating smoothly. Whether you are looking for better long-term management of your asset or looking for a quick turnaround to improve your asset and get it ready to sell, CXRE’s commercial property management experts will help you get the most out of your investment.

San Antonio’s Major Commercial Real Estate Submarkets

Downtown Central Business District

The Downtown San Antonio Central Business District (CBD) submarket contains approximately 305 office buildings, comprising over 9.1 million square feet. With vacancy now hovering around just 10% and nearly half a million SF of office product currently under construction, the CBD is one of the quickest growing office markets in San Antonio. The market contains a concentrated area of large office buildings, mostly appealing to investors interested in large assets.

The average rents are in the $23-$25 range, which is the highest rate in the San Antonio market due to the prime location and the growing level of competition. The CBD is nestled between I-10, I-35 and US 281, and aside from its thriving business culture, is known for its entertainment and tourist destinations like the Alamo and the River Walk. Investors interested in retail and multi-family properties will also come across many opportunities in this submarket.

North Central

The North Central submarket is one of the most active markets for investors in the San Antonio region. This submarket consists of approximately 928 office buildings totaling over 16.7M SF. Like the CBD, this submarket also boasts a vacancy rate of approximately 10% with average rents trending in the $22-$23 per square foot range.

Straddling US 281 from I-35 all the way up to Loop 1604, this is also the most diverse submarket in the San Antonio region, as it is saturated with nearly 2,000 retail properties, over 600 industrial properties and over 300 multi-family properties. With a population over 70,000, this submarket is home to many upscale suburban neighborhoods and includes the midtown area, the San Antonio International Airport, and the 343-acre Brackenridge Park.

Far North Central San Antonio Commercial Real Estate

With about 183 office buildings totaling over 4.6 million square feet, the Far North Central submarket is one one of the busier submarkets on the perimeter of Loop 1604. With an average vacancy around 10% and rents in the $21-$23 per square foot range, this office market is comparable to the North Central submarket.

Home to many upscale master-planned communities like Encino Park and Stone Oak, and stretching along most of the north side of Loop 1604, it is no surprise that retail dominates this submarket. With over 300 retail properties, this submarket maintains a solid mix of quality office and retail opportunities.

Northwest San Antonio Commercial Real Estate

Home to the Medical Center District and the University of Texas at San Antonio, the Northwest submarket is extremely active and comparable to the North Central submarket. It consists of approximately 912 office buildings comprising over 25 million square feet. The average vacancy rate is just over 9% and rents are traditionally around $20 per square foot.

Stretching northwest from the downtown area all the way to Loop 1604, this submarket follows most of the I-10 corridor. There is ample opportunity in this market as it consists of over 2,800 retail properties, 600 industrial properties, 400 multi-family properties and well over 200 medical office buildings.

Far Northwest San Antonio Commercial Real Estate

The Far Northwest submarket contains approximately 95 office buildings totaling over 1.7 million square feet. It has an average vacancy rate in excess of 11%. Additionally, quoted rents are trending in the $23-$24 per square foot range. This submarket boasts nearly 400 retail properties which are mostly situated off of the I-10 corridor and off of Loop 1604.

Most of the inner region of this submarket maintains a stable retail market. This is largely thanks to both local and tourist traffic. This market is home to the upscale shopping center, The Shops at La Cantera, as well as Six Flags Fiesta Texas.

Far West San Antonio Commercial Real Estate

The Far West submarket consists of approximately 106 office buildings, comprising over 5.4 million square feet. It maintains one of the lowest average vacancy rates in the entire San Antonio market. Currently, vacancy is around 4% and quoted rents are in the $20-$21 per square foot range.

In general. this is one of the fastest growing areas in Metropolitan San Antonio. In light of this, it is experiencing rapid growth in the retail and multi-family markets. This submarket includes Sea World San Antonio. Furthermore,  it is in close proximity to Lackland AFB which attracts many military families to the area’s residential communities. Many developers are eyeing this submarket as it continues to boom.

South San Antonio Commercial Real Estate

The South submarket covers the largest amount of land of all the submarkets in San Antonio. It spans beyond Loop 1604 on the east, south and west side. That said, most commercial properties in this submarket are found inside Loop 410. It contains nearly 285 office buildings, totaling over 3 million square feet.

Vacancy is traditionally around 10%-11% and average rents are typically around $17 per square foot. This submarket contains most of the Class C office buildings in San Antonio. On top of that, it boasts a strong industrial and retail market.

Northeast San Antonio Commercial Real Estate

Home Randolph AFB and many suburban areas like Universal City, Live Oak and Kirby, the Northeast submarket is rather unique. There are nearly 348 office buildings comprising over 6.7 million square feet. So, this submarket contains a healthy amount of office space primarily off of Loop 368 and Loop 410. It does, however, claim the highest vacancy rate in the entire San Antonio market at over 12%.

Average rents in this submarket are in the $20-$21 per square foot range. Perhaps the reason for the struggling office market here, are the many industrial properties that saturate the area. This market consists of over 1,000 industrial properties, far more than any other single submarket in San Antonio. With a strong retail market as well, the Northeast side provides a multitude of opportunities for all types of investors.

Comal County Commercial Real Estate

The Comal County submarket is home to cities like New Braunfels, Bulverde and Spring Branch. It surprisingly consists of approximately 340 office buildings, but only comprises about 2.2 million square feet. The average vacancy is at just 9% and quoted rents trend in the $17-$18 per square foot range.

Most of the office buildings are situated near I-35 in New Braunfels or near US 281 in the Bulverde and Spring Branch area. There are over 900 retail properties in this submarket. This is due in large part to New Braunfels, which is a busy tourist area. Investors will also find many opportunities in the industrial and hospitality markets here.

Kendall County Commercial Real Estate

The Kendall County submarket consists of nearly 180 office buildings totaling over 900,000 square feet. Vacancy typically hovers around 10% and the average rents are usually around $22 per square foot. Most of the attractive commercial real estate in this submarket is found near I-10 in the city of Boerne.

The retail market is opportunistic here as Boerne continues to grow. Population growth tends to move north and west faster than it does anywhere else. Because of this, the Kendall County submarket is one to keep an eye on. Especially as growth along the northwest I-10 corridor continues.

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