Strategic Real Estate Consulting Services

Got problems? At CXRE, we’ve got your solution. Our highly qualified, motivated team of skilled consultants aren’t just out to solve your current problem. They’re experienced at finding you a solution that will allow you to have the leverage you need to run a smoother, more lucrative business. We offer our clients the strategic expertise our competitors cannot match at the same level.

  • We Know Our Markets. One of the most valuable services we offer our clients is our knowledge about the markets we work within. Consider CXRE your expert and your advocate—a partner necessary to ensure you make decisions for your business that will only support its growth and expand your opportunity to flourish.
  • One of the most important aspects of your business is knowing what risks you can take, and what steps cause too much of a risk altogether. With the newest technologies, our strategic consulting services ensure you make the best cost, labor and expansion decisions possible. Is there available and qualified labor nearby? Does the location supply you with all you immediate and long-term needs? We will steer you along, as your business, clientele and commercial office space expands.
  • If you already have a major presence in your city, consider CXRE the company that can strategize a plan for implementing affordable labor costs and availability. Whether you need to expand or consolidate, we will analyze market dynamics, cost, and business strategies to encourage your business to thrive and expand on every level.
  • Portfolio Administration. Do you know where your opportunities for expansion lie?  CXRE can provide you with strategic advice on expansion opportunities and help optimize your existing property locations.
  • The Modern workplace strategy. Assess how your workplace can be improved, and you’ll have an immediate shortcut to increased productivity, leadership and a ‘one up’ on your competition. We offer you an approach that ensures your workplace goals are realized, including a strategy to engage employees and use their buy-in to increase productivity.
  • Occupancy Planning. We offer our clients a data focused plan, based on corporate goal metrics, that maximizes flexibility and agility in achieving office space occupancy.

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