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Commercial Real Estate Investing: Alternative Investments

When it comes to commercial real estate investing, most investors think only about the four main asset types: multifamily, office, retail, and industrial. However, there are many other options, known as alternative real estate properties, that investors too often overlook. These alternative investments offer many of the same return opportunities as their traditional counterparts, but often face less competition. If you’re interested in diversifying your commercial real estate portfolio, consider adding alternative investments. Here, we are exploring these alternative properties, giving you a comprehensive look at several options. In addition, you’ll see how to invest in each of these properties and learn how our services can protect these investments.  What Are Alternative Properties?  Historically, commercial real estate investing has been a solid wealth-building strategy. Even as the economy grew and contracted, CRE has remained a relatively steady performer over the decades.  When you think about commercial real estate investing, what comes to mind? Undoubtedly, it’s […]

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