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How Banks Can Benefit from REO Commercial Property Management

As the Coronavirus continues to take a toll on the global economy, many commercial real estate property owners and commercial property management companies are experiencing significant financial hardship. With millions of Americans out of work, tenants are unable to pay rent. As a result, property owners face the possibility of missed mortgage payments, bankruptcy, or foreclosure. At CXRE, we are working closely with banks and other lenders to effectively manage acquired properties, dispose of relinquished assets, and ensure financial stability in the commercial real estate arena. Here, we’re examining ways for banks and lenders to manage and offload newly acquired relinquished properties. However, as more property owners relinquish their commercial real estate, they become the responsibility and liability of financial institutions and lenders. With the potential for an influx of foreclosed CRE properties, how can banks effectively manage these properties without becoming insolvent themselves? How Coronavirus is Impacting Commercial Real Estate The COVID-19 virus (also […]

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Pillar 1 – DEAL SPEED

At CXRE, we conduct business based on three important pillars: Unmatched Deal Speed, Knowledgeable and Capable Talent, and Tenant-Centric Services. Together, these three pillars inform how we operate and how we treat both our clients and their tenants. First and foremost, we value deal speed, providing timely commercial real estate services throughout Texas. In this article, we’re looking at what “deal speed” means to the professionals at CXRE and how it benefits both investors and tenants. Pillar 1: Deal Speed If you’re an investor looking for quality commercial real estate services, CXRE will serve you promptly and efficiently.  For investors, deal speed means trusting the brokers at CXRE to identify commercial real estate in Houston and other large Texas markets quickly. Then, our brokers will secure those properties and close the deal as fast as possible. For CRE owners, deal speed means finding tenants without delay, minimizing your out-of-pocket expenses. Finally, property owners who use […]

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