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Genetically Engineered Pest Control

Messing around with genetics may be more dangerous than we are capable of predicting.  There is much knowledge left to explore in the area of genetic coding; technology is still in its infancy stage.  Is it arrogance that gives us the impetus to move forward with new discoveries that can potentially harm humans, the environment and future generations of animal, plant and insect life?Genetically Engineered MiceAccording to National Geographic, March 2009, genetically engineered mice show no fear of cats.  While this discovery lends credence to the belief that fear is genetically inherited as opposed to being a learned behaviour, it also demonstrates that modifying the food chain could have dire and unforeseen harm.  Take the relationship between mice and cats.Historically, mice have been carriers of pandemic diseases notably the Bubonic plague.  Predators of mice, namely cats and snakes, support the survival of humans by eating the mice that carry diseases which are capable of wiping […]

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