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Another Paywall Blocking Unpaid Access to Content

Doesn’t everyone want to know what’s going on in the world of entertainment? Even if you don’t read the stories every day, you have to admit that they are mildly entertaining.  Let’s face it, everyone from your children to your grandmother read the story about Tiger Woods.  But did you pay to read that story?  If you are like me, you read it online and didn’t pay a dime.  Unfortunately, print magazines are losing money because of readers’ ability to view articles online.  As a result, magazine companies are making changes.  They call it the “paywall”. Variety Magazine has provided groundbreaking entertainment news to the world for over a century.  For the past few years, Variety has allowed visitors free access to its articles on their web site.  To keep up with the rough times print magazines have been experiencing, Variety announced that it will be putting up a paywall for some of its content.  […]

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