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The USGBC – Leading by Example

It may not look green.  It may not feel green.  It may not even sound green, but everything about the USGBC’s headquarters is green.  The U.S. Green Building Council’s new corporate headquarters in Washington D.C. is a sparkling example of sustainability and goes to prove that sustainability does not preclude crisp, new age style.The first two items you might notice could well be the spiffy terrazzo floors and the glass over glass over glass airy look.  The walls are crisp and white and feature 500 year old salvaged wood timber.

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Starting a Texas Business? Start Green!

Whether you want to work at home or have big dreams of a huge corporation starting off with one single thought—green, is the way to a profitable future for both you and your business. Besides the obvious like making sure you always pick recycled paper, conserving electricity by not only turning off equipment but unplugging it, or using a power strip when not in use there are less often considered ways to ensure your business is green.

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