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What’s Better?: Evernote or All Others Combined

Organization is something that comes easy to some people. For the rest of us, we may need a little help in this area and software developers have come up with a number of great apps and computer programs that will keep things hopefully in check. One of the most popular apps out there currently is Evernote. This program can be used on the computer and accessed on smartphones as well. Whenever there is a good idea or something that needs to be remembered, it can be quickly put into Evernote. This can include a picture, an email, an article from a website. It gets stores in Evernote and you are able to categorize and organize the info into lists and tasks. Inspiration can hit an any time, so Evernote makes the process of remembering this information for later all the more user friendly.  Since the inception of Evernote, there have been a number of similar […]

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