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Green Building Products Go Soy

Many inventions for green building were inspired by nature.  Compressed Earth Blocks are a perfect example.  Now, we’ve already started using the simple legume, the soybean, in everything from our food to insulation.If you’re looking ways to better your productivity environment, you might look into this humble plant.  Soy-based products are sprouting everywhere; roof coatings, emollients – even the Statue of Liberty has taken steps, using soy elevator grease, and soy-based construction products have hit the construction market by storm.One of the reasons these green building products have become more in demand is due to indoor air quality.  Soy-based products don’t contain harmful chemicals and are free of formaldehyde, so those with sensitivities to chemicals and allergies find their environment easier to work in.Soy-base Green Building Products Although soy-based products in green building are relatively new, it’s a growing market.Spray Foam Insulation – Soy-based insulation ranges in R-value from 13 – 24, and is cheaper […]

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