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How to get a free room upgrade

If you’ve ever been in line behind someone who has asked a hotel clerk for an upgrade, you may have noticed a couple things: 1) The person didn’t ask in an effective way 2) The person didn’t get the upgrade It’s not enough to just flat out ask for an upgrade or even to ask for it nicely – you have to give the desk clerk a good reason to say yes. One of the most overused tricks hotel guests use when booking a room is saying they’d appreciate an upgrade because it’s their honeymoon or anniversary. Unless you show the front desk clerk the “Just Married” cans that were attached to your car or present your marriage certificate, he likely won’t believe you. A better approach is to scale it back a notch. Walk up to the front desk clerk and say something like, “This is a special trip for us, and we’re not […]

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A common cold elixir that works

Dig deeply into 4-Hour Workweek guru Tim Ferriss’ trove of advice and you’re bound to come up with some DIY potions, one of which he takes up in his post 4 Anti-Cold Cocktails That Work: From Ancient China to German Alcoholics and Modern Labs. For our purposes, the cocktail that seems most practical, given its ease of preparation and low-maintenance ingredients, is what Ferriss describes as the Chinese cure. You’ll need fresh ginger as well as the peel from one orange. Cut and mash the ginger, boil it for 20 minutes, and add the orange peel (cut up into sections) for 10 more minutes of boiling. Strain it and drink up. Ferriss says a bit of honey may take the edge off the strong taste of the brew, about which he says “for me [it] cuts symptoms like sore throat and sinus pain by at least 50% over 24 hours.” Image source: böhringer friedrich via […]

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What color is your brand?

If you’re starting a business or are in the midst of marketing one you’ve no doubt thought about branding. The powers that be typically agonize over brand language, logos, taglines, and the like and are typically willing to work until they get the branding just right. But when it comes to brand colors, says marketing strategist Angela Coulter, some of her clients get downright emotional at the thought of changing them because they’re so caught up with what the colors mean to them personally. Big mistake. Getting emotional about your color choice is what your customer ought to be doing, not you. “When you think about your target customer,” says Coulter, “think, ‘How do I want them to feel about my company, product, and/or service?’ Then look at your logo and the colors you use – on your product label, business card, Website, brochures, presentations, handouts, and anything else that a prospective or existing client […]

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