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Fossil Fuel Threatens National Security

The United States consumes approximately one quarter of the oil produced throughout the entire world, yet only four percent of the world’s population reside in America.This disproportionate need for foreign oil drives Americans to finance, negotiate with, and war against many countries with vastly different laws and cultural norms from our own. By the year 2025, it is projected that 68 percent of American oil will be harvested from foreign countries.Inexpensive and easily attained oil sources are practically depleted.  The remaining oil is costly to reap which drives the escalating price of fuel further upward.  Could this trend be the impetus behind the billion dollars spent so far by the American government on the alternative energy produced by fuel cells?Integrity in our Fuel ConsumptionMany of the countries that export oil are built upon a society that operates in contrast to the American way of life.  Language differences, religious clashes and cultural diversities counter American norms […]

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