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LEED® Certification for New Construction – Materials and Resources

The Materials and Resources area of LEED® certification carries a hefty thirteen available points and one requirement.  The purpose of the materials and resources section is to make the green building as environmentally suitable as possible.  The steps begin with providing storage and collection for recyclables.Storage and CollectionThe storage and collection of recyclables is required in all new buildings applying for LEED® certification.  These storage areas should be located on site, to reduce waste from the building’s occupants and waste going to landfills.  The methods of approach for this include separation, collection and storage through the use of recycle chutes, collection bins, can crushers and cardboard balers.  In addition, it’s necessary for the occupants to be instructed on how to use the collection sources.Building Reuse (3 pts)Additional points in this area can be achieved by having higher percentages or performance than original set out by LEED®.  For one point, you can reuse 75% of an […]

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Reduce and Recycle at Texas U

The University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) is the biggest employer in Galveston.  It retains 13000 employees and is the training facility for 2500 students.  Its giant campus boasts four schools, a Level 1 trauma center, six hospitals, a marine biomedical institute and a top-security bio-defense research department.  Because it generates such a high output of services, it contributes one of the largest volumes of waste in the state.Recycling, energy conservation and pollution prevention are a top priority at UTMB.  The sprawling campus recycles vast quantities of paper, metals, solvents, computer cartridges, fryer grease, x-ray film, motor oil, tires and paint.  Used PCs, cell phones, fax machines and other information technology devices are dismantled and disposed of according to environmental protection laws.  Re-use has a specialized connotation at the university where an on-line swap shop advertises equipment and surplus supplies for trade or free before sending them off-campus for proper disposal.Since then, the energy conscious […]

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Lifestyles – Computer Recycling Reduces Harmful Waste

In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you can take your old computer to The Computer Recycle Center. The group will take your computer in any working condition. You can either drop off your computer at their facility or make arrangements for local pick-ups. They believe in recycling as a way to protect the environment in the state of Texas.

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