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5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Texas Storage Unit Development

In 1964, Russ Williams and his stepson Bob Munn built the first self-storage facility with garage-style doors in Odessa, Texas. Over the years, self-storage facilities have cropped up all over the nation. Currently, self-storage is a multi-billion dollar industry, bringing in $38 billion in annual revenue. Almost 10 percent of all American households rents a self-storage unit and spends an average of $91 a month on their rent. In the United States, there is 2.3 billion square feet total of rentable self-storage space in about 50,000 storage facilities. To put that number in perspective, self-storage developments outnumber both McDonald’s restaurants (over 14,000) and Starbucks locations (around 12,000) in the US. These commercial real estate developments can be money-making properties. Or they can be money pits. To help you make a wise choice when purchasing a self-storage development in Texas, here are some things you need to know: Adequate Population and Income to Support the Facility […]

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