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Investing in a Medical Office Building

How to Invest in Medical Office Buildings Currently, seasoned commercial brokers are encouraging real estate investors to buy into healthcare centers. As prices fall, now it is a great time to invest in these timeless and necessary facilities. There are several ways to invest in medical office buildings. Healthcare Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are one way for average investors to enter the medical real estate arena. With a REIT, the investor purchases a “share” of the medical office building, receiving dividends from the property’s lease. There are many medical REITs available on the market today. Some investors also turn to crowdfunding or joint ventures to purchase, build, or renovate medical office buildings. This process allows multiple investors to pool their resources and purchase a medical office building. Often, these investors are more involved with the day-to-day operations of the process than REIT investors. Finally, high net worth investors or investment broker teams may choose […]

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Technology in CRE Series: “Smart” Commercial Real Estate

It’s hard to believe that just a decade ago, commercial real estate looked entirely different than it does today. Real estate purchases often meant flying across the country, a briefcase in hand, to discuss purchasing options and negotiations. Property management meant on-site employees were working around the clock to keep building systems operational. Then, smart commercial real estate entered the scene. Technology has infiltrated nearly every part of the CRE buying, selling, and management process.  It’s no secret that CRE is slower to change than other industries. But smart commercial real estate innovations have finally entered our industry, and there’s no looking back now. These technological advances are making life easier for investors, owners, and property managers.  Here, we’re laying out some of the smart commercial real estate technology that is revolutionizing the market. You’ll learn common smart tech phrases and learn how integrating them into your business can help you streamline every part of […]

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