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Technology in CRE Series: “Smart” Commercial Real Estate

It’s hard to believe that just a decade ago, commercial real estate looked entirely different than it does today. Real estate purchases often meant flying across the country, a briefcase in hand, to discuss purchasing options and negotiations. Property management meant on-site employees were working around the clock to keep building systems operational. Then, smart commercial real estate entered the scene. Technology has infiltrated nearly every part of the CRE buying, selling, and management process.  It’s no secret that CRE is slower to change than other industries. But smart commercial real estate innovations have finally entered our industry, and there’s no looking back now. These technological advances are making life easier for investors, owners, and property managers.  Here, we’re laying out some of the smart commercial real estate technology that is revolutionizing the market. You’ll learn common smart tech phrases and learn how integrating them into your business can help you streamline every part of […]

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How To Make Your Brain Stronger

Grab an avocado, pull up a puzzle, and hang out with your friends – these are just a few ways to “hack” your brain into getting stronger and more agile – in other words, methods you can use to improve the way you think. The full list includes other ideas, and unlike those sessions at the gym, getting your grey matter into great shape can actually be fun! These tips on increasing your “brain plasticity” – the ability your brain has to rewire its hardware – are just the beginning. Many of the suggestions relate to diet and water intake, with advice recommending two or three servings of fish per week, resting up and relaxing, and doing a variety of activities that make different parts of your brain stand up and jump. It’s sort of like doing cardio on Monday, weights Tuesday, and Flexibility Training on Wednesday. But with more eating. Original URL:

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How to Increase Your IQ Quick

For years scientists have wrestled with the idea of improving your IQ. Is your IQ something passed down from your parents, or is it something that you can improve and develop over time? Or, is it a combination of both factors? Although we may never know the answer, today it seems less likely that your IQ is entirely a result of your genes. Many modern scientists are convinced that altering environmental factors can result in an increased IQ. Below is a list containing a number of different ways to improve your IQ. If you don’t believe that these will work, try comparing your results on the IQ test ( • Take Deep Breaths –They teach you in yoga to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. This increases the amount of oxygen flow to the brain. • Keep a Journal – This type of reflection has been praised by many of the […]

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