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Passive Solar Design Tips for Texas

When designing a passive solar dwelling, it is important to keep in mind location.  Climate, wind, sun exposure and many other factors determine good guidelines for passive solar construction.  For now, we are going to take a look at Texas as the construction area, so the following tips are related to that area only.Texas has a warmer climate, and frequently has higher humidity.  Due to these factors, cooling measures are more important and more difficult to achieve.  Try to avoid carpets, drapes and overstuffed furniture when possible.  They will absorb moisture and make occupants feel clammy.•    The optimum building shape is long and narrow, with the longest sides facing south and north.•    There should be minimum glazing (glass or other see through materials) on the east and west.  The sun strikes these surfaces at least half of the day and cannot be easily controlled.  The most glazing should be on the south side with a […]

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