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Vehicle Refuelling Hydrogen Stations

Better get used to seeing and hearing a few new buzz words as the green technology movement increases its popularity among mainstream consumer products.  VRAs (vehicle refuelling appliances) will replace service centre in the vocabulary of the next generation. Making reference to a gas station will relegate you to the senior citizen age group just as quickly as saying, ‘record player, answering machine and typewriter’.Many partnerships around the world have arisen from the need to explore and develop hydrogen power.  Hydrogen can be used to generate energy for everything from vehicles to professional buildings.  For most purposes, the hydrogen stream can come from a single conveniently located appliance.  The VRA can refuel the vehicle directly or the hydrogen stream can be stored and dispensed at a later time.Hydrogen Refuelling OptionsOther choices for refuelling include overnight filling.  This type of VRA utilizes times when the vehicle is not in use (usually at night) to refuel. A […]

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Austin Energy Guidelines for On-grid Solar Power

Unlike a standalone Solar, or PV system, the guidelines for constructing a solar system that will interface with Austin Energy are much more rigorous.  Austin Energy refers to this as a “parallel” system.The following information is a small overview of Austin Energy’s interface guide.•    You are required to present technical data including layout drawings, equipment specifications, coordination data, equipment test data, synchronizing methods, operations manuals, and maintenance•    You will be responsible for installing and maintaining the interconnection equipment•    Austin Energy may request maintenance records to verify protective equipment checks.•    You must provide your own protective devices for your system.•    If Austin Energy incurs any extra costs due to the interface arrangement, they will be yours to pay.•    Any PV system designed to be interconnected can operate only after receiving written approval from Austin Energy.MountingThere are several ways to mount the panels: fixed, fixed with adjustable tilt angles, manual tracking, passive tracking, and active tracking.  All […]

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