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4 Tips for Getting LEED Certified

Set a clear environmental target.  Before you begin the design phase of your project, decide what level of LEED® certification you’re aiming for and settle on a firm overall budget.  Also, consider including an optional higher certification target — a “stretch” goal — to stimulate creativity. Set a budget that is clear, concise and adequate.  If you’re reaching for a higher level of certification, such as Platinum, additional expenditure will be required.  Budget for these extra steps accordingly. Stick to your budget and your LEED® goal.  Throughout out the design and building process, be sure your entire project team is focused on meeting your LEED® goal on budget.  Maintain the environmental and economic integrity of your project at every turn. Engineer for Life Cycle Value.  As you value-engineer your project, examine your green investments in terms of how they’ll affect expenses over the entire life of the building.  Before you decide to cut a line […]

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