The Smartest Owners Put Tenants First

The tenants are really in charge. You heard us right and you’ll agree after you read why.

We believe tenants drive the commercial real estate industry. Not owners. Not brokers. Definitely not brokers.

Your tenant-centric property management & leasing team.

Our dozens of experienced real estate professionals are passionate enough to always provide same-day showings because tenants drive the market. We’ve bet everything on the belief: execution speed and talent are the last two remaining differentiators in the brokerage industry. Tenants will always accrue to the owner whose property management team and leasing firm is best differentiated with speed and talent. Of course, it’s our job to put the tenant first within a budget.

execution speed and talent are the last two remaining differentiators

Our proposition for you as an owner or tenant is simple: tenant-centricity is the focal point of our business together because tenants are the only reason the commercial real estate investment industry exists.

When we work together to provide a world-class tenant-centric experience – it is always a 3-fold win:

  1. For the tenants receiving a talent-rich workplace for their employees…
  2. For our property management team who get to focus on tenant satisfaction…
  3. And for the multiple generations of families who rely on a commercial real estate investment to have reliable income from those quality tenant relationships.

The Tenant-Centric Mindset

The big question centers around how we develop a tenant-centric mindset in our team members. This is a complicated task which is broken down into 2 stages.

We believe in forever relationships with tenants and that mindset benefits owners tremendously.

First, we had to develop a new team member selection process which values servant leadership. We believe the starting point to great client care is serving with a servant’s heart. The outflow of that service is leading others, by example and encouragement, in a way which calls forth the best & highest in them. This creates a really great team culture – especially in our client owned buildings.

Secondly, we coach our team members about how they succeed. We succeed when the owner succeeds and the only way for the owner to succeed is for their tenants to stay in their buildings long-term with very little turnover. The only reason they stay is great service. Great service requires an amazing tenant experience.

Tenant Experience in an Owner’s Office Building

Your tenants desire a sense of ownership, peace and energy in their workplaces. Before they can create that sense in their suites, we have to put energy into the entire building community.

Tenants who feel they belong in a workplace with energy, stay long-term.

This energy flow comes from very fast tenant responses, lovely common areas, well-planned gatherings and movement throughout the building. Ideally, we want tenants to interact with each other in the restaurants, social media and elevator lobbies. These interactions slowly become commonplace and give the tenant a sense of belonging. We all want to belong.

Your talented CXRE team members are passionate about service.

As an owner, your most important clients are your tenants, so it makes sense that your tenants are our most important clients as well.

If you are tenant-centric – either as an investor or a tenant – we’d love to hear your passion!

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