Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

By registering for an account you hereby agree to the following between you, your affiliates, your and CXRE Group (CXRE LLC), and CXRE LLC, the operator of this website:
1. CXRE.co is not a listings site and does not represent itself to be representing the buildings or their owners. We are a tenant representation matching site.
2. You hereby agree to be exclusively represented in your leases and contacted by CXRE Group (CXRE LLC).

Tenant Representation

You, and your affiliates, have appointed CXRE LLC operating under CXRE Group (“CXRE”) as your exclusive representative to locate and evaluate office facilities for your requirements in Texas. CXRE is authorized in this connection to submit your name to owners and their agents as a prospect for such properties, and to negotiate purchase or lease terms and conditions, per your direction, and all subject to your approval. You reserve the right to reject any or all properties proposed by CXRE for any reason.

With respect to this project, you will refer to CXRE all inquiries and offers, and inform all persons, companies, and firms whom you come in contact of CXRE’s exclusive representation. By doing so, it is your understanding that CXRE, its agents and employees will be responsible for resolving any commission disputes, which may arise from this project.

This appointment commences upon the date of this letter and will last until terminated in writing by giving 30 days notice. In the performance of this agreement, CXRE shall abide by all applicable laws and regulations, federal, state or local, and CXRE warrants to you that it has all necessary licenses and permits, if any required to perform its duties under this appointment.

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