5 Classes of LEED Cleaning Benefits

From a practical standpoint, there are five classifications of benefits provided by LEED approved cleaning services.Healthier Employees – Using certified green cleaning products protects the health of building’s occupants and cleaning personnel.  Utilizing proper mixology and use of these cleaning products will reduce exposure to hazardous chemical, biological and particulate contaminants and reduce the Sick Building Syndrome while minimizing absenteeism.Lower Operating Costs – not only do LEED cleaning programs reduce absenteeism and increase productivity, but they are cost efficient and actually lower operating costs.  LEED practices reduce waste disposal, conserve water and energy, improve occupancy rates and reduce turnover.Reduced Environmental Impact – All LEED cleaning programs concentrate on improving air quality, recycling and minimizing the use of toxic products.  Green cleaning cuts down on ozone depletion and decreases air and water pollution.  The use of green products serves to conserve natural resources which are used in conventional cleaning products.Positive Public Image – Buildings that do not provide green cleaning services and green maintenance practices are missing the boat.  The federal government and most state governments are requiring green practices for space they occupy.  In today’s commercial real estate marketplace, the implementation of green cleaning makes good environmental and business sense.LEED Certification – To assist buildings in initiating green cleaning programs, the U.S. Green Building Council offers a Custodial Effectiveness Assessment.  The assessment is accompanied by one LEED point and provides valuable information about procedural enhancements.  Whether the cleaning services are performed in house or through LEED certified outsourcing, the Custodial Effectiveness Assessment makes good business sense.In certain areas that are committed to green development, LEED cleaning services are widely accepted.  For cleaning contractors to provide services to federal, state and many local governmental agencies, LEED certification is a necessity.  Indeed, the cleaning service industry is becoming a safer and more environmentally conscious employment field.

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