LEED Cleaning – You Can Stand Behind It

Ten years ago many building tenants and occupants did not understand the meaning of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification.  A lot has changed since the USGBC’s release of the LEED program more than 10 years ago.  Now, LEED maintenance and cleaning practices for existing buildings have become the standard for most janitorial and maintenance companies.
Indeed, LEED practices are so widely accepted that most local and state government agencies and all federal agencies require LEED green janitorial and maintenance services at their facilities.  As the expanding green markets have developed, financial reports indicate that LEED programs are cost-efficient, increase productivity and greatly improve occupant wellness.LEED green cleaning standards take a systems approach to commercial cleaning in existing buildings.  LEED Accredited Professionals provide guidance for equipment, green cleaning product purchasing procedures, product use, staff training recommendations and cleaning performance procedures.The green cleaning emphasis is on environmental improvements that reduce toxicity, waste, and exposure to building occupants and cleaning personnel.  LEED APs perform a Custodial Effectiveness Assessment, for which one LEED point is awarded, which serves to help build a specific green cleaning protocol for each building.The assessment serves to establish environmental requirements for cleaning service providers of commercial, public and institutional buildings.  The assessment can help guide in-house cleaning operations as well as external cleaning services.  In either case, the assessment establishes a protocol to protect human health and improve the environment.An important aspect of conversion to a green cleaning system is the change from conventional cleaning products and chemicals to new-age, certified green cleaning products.
These products only achieve certification after meeting strict compliance specifications and undergoing multiple tests.  Green cleaning products utilize a life-cycle approach as part of their certification.  Products are tracked from their roots to the final end.

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