The Five W’s and Green Janitorial Services

If you own, manage or work in a U.S. Green Building Council Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified building, the chances are good that you like where you work.  These days, when every operating expense undergoes close scrutiny, building managers usually must be prepared to answer the five “w’s” about recruiting LEED approved cleaning companies.

  • Who should use LEED Accredited Professionals to design their cleaning programs?
  • What is Green Cleaning?
  • Why use a Green Cleaning Service?
  • When should I contact a Green Cleaning Service?
  • Where do I find a Green Cleaning Service?

Who should use LEED APs to design their cleaning programs?  Anyone who manages an existing LEED certified building should use LEED APs to design and oversee their cleaning and maintenance programs.  These professionals can actually design cleaning programs that will be economically viable and that will add points to the existing LEED rating.What is Green Cleaning? Green cleaning is a new, comprehensive environmental approach to janitorial services.  The goals are to improve employee health and safety and eliminate the use of harmful chemicals in LEED buildings.Why us a Green Cleaning Service? Many traditional cleaning programs use harmful chemicals and environmentally risky cleaning equipment.  Green cleaning services protect the environment, the building tenants and the cleaning company’s workers.When should I contact a green cleaning service?  Building managers who want to reduce the following bi-products of cleaning services should contact a green janitorial service or LEED AP immediately:

  • Air pollution
  • Bioaccumulation of toxic substances in plants and animals
  • Endocrine disruption in wildlife
  • Water pollution

Where do I find a Green Cleaning Service? Like all popular products, some janitorial services are attaching themselves to the green concept.  Unfortunately, some of these companies misrepresent their qualifications.  To locate a certified green janitorial service that can boost your LEED rating and uphold the integrity of your building, contact either the USGBC chapter in your area or contact the U.S. Green Building Council’s web site.

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